Tuesday, April 24, 2018

New downtempo EP from Abalone

Abalone is a producer from Denmark who just released a six-track EP of downtempo electronic music. Full stream of 'For You', one of the songs from the EP:

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Monday, April 23, 2018

Fresh Deep House from Molina

Molina is a producer from Istanbul making some great deep house tracks. His latest song, Swallowed By The Abyss, is out now for streaming. Full stream below:

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Molina Soundcloud page

Downtempo beats from Basak

Basak is a producer from Brooklyn that makes downtempo / soul / hip-hop music. His latest track is a nice downtempo track with some soul elements to it. Full stream of 'Sleep Cycles' below:

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Contemporary soul and downtempo vibes

Anne Suu is a soul singer from Berlin. She has a new five-track EP out which features production from B-Side. Full preview of 'Dripping Light' below, one of the five songs from the EP.

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Sunday, April 22, 2018

New EP from Haghorror

Haghorror is a producer from Germany who has a five track EP out now via Black Verb Records. The EP is an interesting blend of lo-fi electronic sounds, disco and synths. My personal favorite track on the EP is his cover of 'Chase' by Giorgio Moroder.

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Downtempo / trip-hop from ANKO

ANKO is a production duo from France who recently released their first EP. It is a five song EP titled 'Waved'. Their sound is on the downtempo / trip-hop vibe with lots of jazz elements as well.

ANKO pride themselves on using very few samples in their music. The duo records everything themselves, and features a unique combination of oboe, strings quartet, trumpet, french horn, clarinet and many other sounds in their productions. A refreshing contrast to heavily sample based music.

Streaming preview clip below contains snippets of all five songs on the EP:

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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Quirky tech house from CTRL SHIFT DEFEAT

CTRL SHIFT DEFEAT is a producer from Israel. He has a new three-track EP out now called 'Further Within'. His music is a great blend of tech house / techno beats with some fun quirky elements to some of the songs. Full preview of the EP below:

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Deep House from DJ Igorfrost

DJ Igorfrost hails from the Ukraine. He recently released a really fun deep house track called 'Trendy Sound'. Full stream below:

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Vocal Nu Disco from Blende

If you are a fan of classic disco a la Giorgio Moroder you should dig this. Blende drops a lovely slice of throwback vibes with vocals by Mickael Karkousse, frontman of Belgian electro-rock group GOOSE. Full stream of the regular version below. The release also includes an extended mix and instrumental mix.

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New downtempo music from Ohmfield

Ohmfield is an electronic music producer from London. He just released a new song, Rest, that is a beautiful slice of downtempo electronic music. Full stream below:

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New techno EP from Andres Galeano

Andres Galeano is a techno producer from Columbia. He has a new three-track EP out called Ljubezen. Full streaming preview of all three songs below:

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Downtempo future bass from Miros

Miros a producer from Ohio who makes downtempo / future bass beats. His song Katana is available for a free download. Full stream of Katana below:

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Friday, April 20, 2018

Funken drops dope future bass track as his debut

Funken is a new producer hailing from Canada. His first single, Homeworlds, is available now as a free download. The song is a great future bass track. Full stream below:

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Contemporary Soul music from Soul School

Soul School is a producer that makes soul, downtempo and hip-hop beats. His latest song, Workout, is a great soul-infused downtempo track. Full stream below:

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Deep techno / electronic music from GridGlider

GridGlider is a producer from Australia who has recently released a three-track EP called In Transit. The EP was released by Flipside Recordings. Full stream of 'Departure' from the EP below::

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Downtempo / Future Bass remix from Team EZY

Team EZY has remixed 'Would You Ever' by Skrillex & Poo Bear into a beautiful downtempo / future bass track.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

New deep house vibe from Klangplanet

This song really takes you on a brief yet crazy journey. Incorporating some great percussive elements, a fun synth line, guitar, saxophone, singing and rapping into a rollicking 4/4 track.

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New release on Bunkaball

Bunkaball is a newer label run by Don Rimini. The new release is a three-track EP from Marvy. It's a great tech house EP. Full stream of The Way You Movin' below:

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New EP from UnFit out tomorrow

UnFit has a new two-track EP out tomorrow. The songs are Boredom and Hello. The EP is being released by Purple Tea Records - a tech house label based in Canada. Full stream of Hello below. BIG tech house tune that will be huge in the clubs.

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Downtempo electronic vibes from Bloon

Bloon is a production duo from France that makes downtempo / electro-pop music. Their debut EP came out late last year. Below is a full stream of Cosmogonal - one of five songs on the release.

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