Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Orbiter Music

Orbiter Music was founded by John Orbiter, a DJ and producer based in Germany. John Orbiter is also the only DJ to perform alongside 2 dancing robots, and videos of his live performances can be viewed on his MySpace page by clicking here. John has released several of his own productions on his label, as well as releases by Stoney Broke Weirdos, Frederik Karst and Noah. The music on Orbiter's record label ranges from tech house, to techno and electro - all quality stuff meant for dance floors around the globe.

You can purchase Orbiter Music releases from such quality online digital retailers as Beatport and TrackItDown.

The first release on Orbiter Music was the Plastic Drive single by John Orbiter, including remixes by Base Angel, Otox and Cana, and DJ RobDee.

The second release, was the Firefly single by Noah, with the original mix and a remix by Cana. The original mix has a lot of energy to it, some quirky synth work and a dash of glitch thrown in for good measure. The end result is a bangin' track. The Cana remix has a nice distinct vibe to it that separates it from the original. More driving percussion with a tribal tech feel to it and the breakdowns are different from the original version. I actually prefer the remix to the original, but both are top quality tunes.

The third release from Orbiter Music was the Sonic Visions single from John Orbiter with an original version, a dub mix and a remix from Stoney Broke Weirdos. The original version is an electro-house banger with nice background noises that fit the title of the song. I felt like I was transported to a club on a different planet. The dub mix is a chilled out electro-breaks version of the original. The remix by Stoney Broke Weirdos is a slammin' out of this world electro-house tune that will work great in the clubs.

Soon to be released are the singles by Frederik Karst with a remix by Stoney Broke Weirdos; We Are Stoney Broke by Stoney Broke Weirdos; and Robotic Invasion by John Orbiter.

Compliments of John Orbiter, enjoy this remix of his soon to be released single, Robotic Invasion, remixed by DJ RobDee. The single will be released on December 10th, and in addition to the original version and DJ RobDee remix, will also feature remixes by Noah and SonikVodnik.

John Orbiter - Robotic Invasion (DJ RobDee remix) [free mp3 download]

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