Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Malente - Bring That Lead Back

Malente has a hot new single coming out called 'Bring That Lead Back' on Southern Fried Records. The video for the single can be viewed below. He has also put out a new 60-minute promo mix featuring three remixes of 'Bring That Lead Back' as well as other Malente production and remix work in the mix.

Click here to direct download the mix as a zip file

And here is the tracklisting for the mix:

1) Mowgli & Solo - Oriente Espresso
2) Idiotproof - Gorilla (Siriusmo Remix / Malente re-edit)
3) Mujava - Township Funk
4) The Beatdoctors - Mama
5) Myagi - Shapeshifter (Malente Remix)
6) Malente - Bring That Lead Back (Destroy Disco's Brought It Back Remix)
7) AC Slater - Jack Got Jacked (Jack Beats Remix)
8) Procon - Delia (DJ Barletta Remix)
9) Bassnectar - Heads Up (Malente Remix)
10) Malente - Bring That Lead Back (Brabe Remix)
11) Nacho Lovers - Acid Life
12) Malente & Dex - Hyperactive (Bobmo Remix)
13) Farley 'Jackmaster' Funk - Love Can't Turn Around (Accapella)
14) Drop The Lime - Hear Me (Drums of Death remix)
15) Stupid Fresh - Get The Fuck Up (Malente remix)
16) Malente - Bring That Lead Back (Nathan Detroit Edit)
17) Audio Bullys - Dope Fiend (Malente remix)
18) Mystery Jets - Half In Love (Foamo Remix / Malente Re-Dub)
19) Moston & Malente - Do The Right Thing (Alternative Version)
20) Bird Peterson - Pete Goes Off
21) His Majesty Andre - Peep Thong
22) Malente & Dex - Hyperactive (Original)
23) Malente & Dex feat. Jammer & Frisco – Hyperactive (Accapella)

Malente - Bring That Lead Back

Buy music from Malente at the Itunes store by clicking the button below:

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter Heat!

We have had a week of snow and cold here in Portland, OR, and I know a lot of other parts of the U.S. have been hit with winter storms as well. To counter that, in this post we are dropping some serious heat - five high energy tracks that are guaranteed to get booties shaking, even on cold winter nights.

I would like to thank people that send us comments / e-mails letting us know about broken links, etc. If you come across something that doesn't work or is an incorrect link, let us know. We fix them as they are sent to us, so if you have left us a note, please check back what you were looking at and it should be all good.

Also, we are always looking for DJ sets for our Sunday night show on Techno.FM and for original tracks and remixes to feature on the site. Our traffic and exposure continue to increase, and we have a lot of great readers. You can send us files / links here:: dancefloormayhem @ gmail . com

We're going to start off the music with a hot electro banger, the AC Slater remix of 'Shake It' by Hostage. This is a big peak-hour electro house tune.

Hostage - Shake It (AC Slater remix) [click to download]

Visit AC Slater on MySpace

Visit Hostage on MySpace

Click here to purchase the 'Shake It' EP by Hostage at Beatport.

Next up, we've got a fun remix of an 80's classic, 'Let The Music Play' by Shannon. This remix was done by 4Watt.

Shannon - Let The Music Play (4Watt remix) [click to download]

Buy music from Shannon at the Itunes store by clicking the button below:

Visit 4Watt on MySpace


Next up, and long overdue to be posted, is an original track from RiskoDisko called 'The Kicker'. Super high energy electro house track that uses the vocal snippet "the beat kicks, and I start rockin"

RiskoDisko - The Kicker [click to download]

Visit RiskoDisko on MySpace

{Missy Elliott}

For the Winter Heat post, how could we not include a remix of 'I'm Really Hot' by Missy Elliott?! This remix is from DJ Strobe, and it is indeed hot. This will be fun in the clubs!

Missy Elliott - I'm Really Hot (DJ Strobe Turns The Party Out Mix) [click to download]

Purchase Missy Elliott music from the Itunes store by clicking the button below:
Missy Elliott

DJ Strobe was previously featured on Dancefloor Mayhem with his remix of 'Pornstar' by Peplab. Click here to check out that post.

Visit DJ Strobe on MySpace

{Jane Bang}

Last but not least, we've got the Mary Velo remix of 'She's Hott' by Jane Bang. This track is an electro house banger! Very high energy - this song barely gives you a chance to catch your breath.

Jane Bang - She's Hott (Mary Velo remix) [click to download]

Visit Mary Velo on MySpace

Visit Jane Bang on MySpace

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More fresh beats for you

I've got five free tracks for you this post, so enjoy the music!

First up is another remix of 'Strawberry' by Adrian Lux. We previously featured the Oscar Wedren remix of this track, which had a great progressive vibe to it. The Marcus Rombo remix has a really bouncy beat and is a little more on the tech / electro tip.

Adrian Lux - Strawberry (Marcus Rombo remix) [click to download]

Visit Marcus Rombo on MySpace

Visit Adrian Lux on MySpace

You can get the Oscar Wedren remix of 'Strawberry' by clicking here.

Purchase Adrian Lux music from the Itunes store by clicking the button below:
Adrian Lux

Next up is a fresh new original track from HouseClap called 'deBaser'. This is a great track - lots of energy, a nice solid beat and a hypnotic breakdown. I'll be playing this one a lot.

House Clap - deBaser [click to download]

Visit HouseClap on MySpace

Click here to check out another post that featured the HouseClap remix of 'Strike Back' by Eskju Devine.

Madison Avenue's 'Don't Call Me Baby' was a huge club tune when it was first released, and now the song gets a 2008 remix courtesy of Jemex. This version sounds very current, while retaining all the fun of the original mix.

Madison Avenue - Don't Call Me Baby (Jemex remix) [click to download]

Visit Jemex on MySpace

Purchase Madison Avenue music from Itunes by clicking the button below:
Madison Avenue


Another retro-flavored number courtesy of Shook. This time it's a remix of 'Chip' by Jupiter. More 80s synth vocal stylings make for a really fun tune.

Jupiter - Chip (Shook remix) [click to download]

Visit Jupiter on MySpace

Visit Shook on MySpace

Click here for our previous feature on Shook, including 3 free original Shook tracks.

Lastly, we have a remix by Baron Von Luxxury of 'Meddle' by Little Boots. This remix is a groovy house track that also has a touch of disco to it.

Little Boots - Meddle (Baron Von Luxxury's Technicolor remix) [click to download]

Visit Baron Von Luxxury on MySpace

Visit Little Boots on MySpace

Purchase music from Little Boots at the Itunes store by clicking the button below:
Little Boots

Monday, December 15, 2008

Tittsworth - WTF feat. Kid Sister and Pase Rock

Tittsworth is popping off with a club banger - 'WTF' featuring Kid Sister and Pase Rock. Lot's of different versions, five in all, so there should be something for everyone. Remixes by Eli Escobar, Deekline & Ed Solo, DJ Wool and Stretch Armstrong's edit of the Nadastrom remix. Check out the free remix below, and then be sure to visit the Itunes store to purchase the other dope remixes!

Tittsworth feat. Kid Sister and Pase Rock - WTF (Deekline and Ed Solo breaks mix) [click to download]

Visit Tittsworth on MySpace

Visit Deekline on MySpace

Visit Ed Solo on MySpace

Buy music from Tittsworth at the Itunes store by clicking the button below:

Visit Kid Sister on MySpace

Buy music from Kid Sister at the Itunes store by clicking the button below:
Kid Sister

Visit Pase Rock on MySpace

Buy music from Pase Rock at the Itunes store by clicking the button below:
Pase Rock

Saturday, December 13, 2008

A1 Bassline - Girl Thing

A1 Bassline is a producer from London. He has received positive press from such mags as DJ Magazine, Mix Mag and NME and his tracks have been supported by DJs the world over, including Le Castle Vania, Steve Aoki and Guns and Bombs.

His biggest hit to date, 'Girl Thing' has blown up the internet, and we have 7 different remixes of the song to share with you.

A1 Bassline - Girl Thing (Disco Villains remix) [click to download]

Visit Disco Villains on MySpace

A1 Bassline - Girl Thing (Billion Dollar DJs 90's Kegger Remix) [click to download]

Visit Billion Dollar DJs on MySpace

A1 Bassline - Girl Thing (Techjio Remix) [click to download]

Visit Techjio on MySpace

A1 Bassline - Girl Thing (Fazhands Remix) [click to download]

Visit Fazhands on MySpace

A1 Bassline - Girl Thing (Pirate Soundsystem remix) [click to download]

Visit Pirate Soundsystem on MySpace

A1 Bassline - Girl Thing (NONEWYORK Dirty Remix) [click to download]

Visit NONEWYORK on MySpace

A1 Bassline - Girl Thing (Merk Meny Remix) [click to download]

Visit Mark Meny on MySpace

Visit A1 Bassline on MySpace

A1 Bassline also has his own blog where he posts up some remix and production work and talks about upcoming releases and gigs, check it out here.

Buy A1 Bassline music from the Itunes store by clicking the button below:
A1 Bassline

PRODUCERS! - If you want to remix 'Girl Thing' and submit your remix to us, please do so. Click Here to download the zip file of remix parts - it's 250MB file, so the download may take a little while. Submit your completed remixes to: dancefloormayhem @ gmail . com

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Calling all producers and remixers!!!

I just want to give you a heads up about The BPA (Brighton Port Authority) "Toe Jam" remix contest! Get all the details by clicking here.

Individual tracks for "Toe Jam" are available free for download on the contest site. The tracks can be rearranged and reused in any way to form a remix of the song and then the winners will be chosen by Norman Cook himself (aka Fatboy Slim)!

Completed remixes must be received on or by January 1, 2009...so get to work!

I would love to have the winner be a Dancefloor Mayhem reader!

Let us know when you have submitted a remix so we can check it out on the contest page.

Good luck!

Enjoy the video for 'Toe Jam' below:

The Brighton Port Authority (BPA) - Toe Jam

Monday, December 8, 2008

More Hot Tracks!!!

{Lady Sovereign}

Super Super Hot - First up we've got BRAND NEW Lady Sovereign for you!!!

Her new album just finished recording, and is slated for release on April 6th, 2009. To tide us over, Lady Sovereign has given us a free track that is vintage Lady Sovereign but also fresh. The new track is titled 'I Got You Dancing'.

Lady Sovereign - I Got You Dancing [click to download]
:: A brand new hot track from the one and only Lady S-O-V!

Be sure to visit Lady Sovereign on MySpace.

You can also visit Lady Sovereign at her official website - LadySovereign.com.

Click the button below to purchase Lady Sovereign music from the Itunes store:
Lady Sovereign

Next up is a club bangin' remix of A-Trak's 'Say Whoa' submitted by Big Nasty. With a super phat bassline and good use of the original lyric, this track is ready for the prime time! We look forward to hearing more from Big Nasty!

A-Trak - Say Whoa (Big Nasty remix) [click to download]

Visit A-Trak on MySpace.

Visit Big Nasty on MySpace.

Buy music from A-Trak at the Itunes store by clicking the button below:

And I wanted to thank everyone who had a chance to tune in to my show on KBOO last night! The show went great, I played a lot of tracks that have been featured on the site, as well as some new promos I have received recently. Here is the tracklist from last night's show (if it is a link, the track has been previously featured on Dancefloor Mayhem and is free as a direct download):

1) Dengue Fever – Sleepwalking Through The Mekong (Morgan Page remix)
2) Little Jinder – Polyhedron (Coralcola remix)
3) Santogold – L.E.S. Artistes (Left/Right remix)
4) The Bumblebeez - Rio
5) The Slips - Undiscovered
6) Melnyk – Revolutions (Thugfucker remix)
7) Def Disko – In Your Arms (Corrugated Tunnel remix)
8) Lulu Rouge – Bless You
9) Ladyhawke – Dusk till Dawn (Alex Darkly remix)
10) Sneaky Sound System – When We Were Young (Gloves remix)
11) DJ Jakub – Another Hit
12) Voodoo J – Dop Dop (Harnessnoise remix)
13) Pink Floyd – Time (Cates & dpL No Time for Miami mix)
14) Carmen Rizzo feat. Kate Havnevik – Sirens (Andy Gray’s Grayed Out remix)
15) Meat Beat Manifesto – Radio Babylon (Lee Coombs VIP mix)
16) Titus1 – The Break (Neztic remix)
17) Adrian Lux – Strawberry (Oscar Werden remix)
18) Robot Needs Oil – Volta (Hydroz Kuad Volta remix)
19) Lee Coombs – Out Of My Mind (Unreleased breaks mix)
20) DJ Jakub – Out of Here (Jak 3am remix)

Stay tuned for more DJ Tronic appearances coming soon on KBOO!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Egadz is a producer from the Bay Area who composes some really cool beats. He is currently working on a new album, and will be embarking on a US tour in February 2009.

Check out the music video for 'What Are We Destined To Do':

Egadz! - What Are We Destined To Do

And here is a video of Egadz playing his MPC live with elements that went into 'What Are We Destined To Do':

He just played in San Francisco on December 3 with Lazer Sword and Mochipet at the Puma 60th Anniversary Party.

Be sure to visit Egadz at his MySpace page for more info and tour dates.

Buy music from Egadz at the Itunes store by clicking the button below:

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Just wanted to apologize for the delay in between posts. With the holidays, work, and some more DJ gigs, I have been quite busy lately. Want to give you some great music we have gotten recently, so please enjoy the music! Thank you always for your support!


HiHat - Hit 'Em [click to download]
:: A funky breakbeat track with the main vocal snippet being "let the rhythm hit 'em".

HiHat / DJ HiHat is a breakbeat DJ / producer from Bristol. He has a regular mix show on Brap.FM every first and third Tuesday, 8pm - 10pm GMT. He also won a remix contest for StepSine Records and his remix was pressed to vinyl and is available from online retailers such as Juno and Chemical Records. Be sure to visit HiHat on MySpace.

{DJ Strobe}

Peplab vs DJ Strobe - Porn Star (DJ Strobe Stripclub mix) [click to download]
An electro house / club track with campy fun lyrics about being a porn star.

Visit Peplab on MySpace and at their official site, Peplab.com.

DJ Strobe hails from NYC via Pittsburgh, and has been producing music and DJ-ing since the late 1980s. He originally produced electronic music under the moniker of Euphoria, and has since gone on to have a Gold record and several #1 remixes. He has remixed a diverse array of artists, including Maroon Five, Jagged Edge, Jennifer Page, Toni Braxton, Britney Spears, The Killers, Missy Elliott and The Killers. You can visit DJ Strobe on MySpace and also at his official site, DJStrobe.com.

Purchase music by Peplab from the Itunes store by clicking the button below:


Plus Move - Boss [click to download]
:: An electronic track in the same vein as Daft Punk.

Plus Move is an electronic production duo from Austin, TX, that has recently released their debut EP - '2099' on Alex Moulton's record label - Expansion Team Records. Please visit Plus Move on MySpace.

Purchase Plus Move music from the Itunes store by clicking the button below:
Plus Move

{Plus Move}

Rod Lee - Let Me See What U Workin' With (Loud Party remix) [click to download]
:: A high energy electro house track with some jackin' fidget elements.

Loud Party is a producer / remixer from L.A. that has been featured on here before with his remix of M.I.A. - Boyz here. Be sure to visit Loud Party on MySpace.

Sneaky Sound System - When We Were Young (Gloves remix) [click to download]
:: This track will appeal to a lot of people. Best described as Electro.French.Disco.Pop. Totally hot. Similar to artists such as Goldfrapp and Scissor Sisters.

Sneaky Sound System is a three-person group from Australia that produces some really fun electro pop music. Be sure to visit Sneaky Sound System on MySpace.

Gloves is a producer / remixer from Australia who has also remixed Cut Copy, Van She, The Death Set, Gameboy/Gamegirl and other artists. Be sure to Glovesvisit Gloves on MySpace.


We also wanted to share with you some videos related to this post.

First up is the video for the original version of 'Pornstar' by Peplab.

Peplab - Pornstar

we also have the video for 'When We Were Young' by Sneaky Sound System:

Sneaky Sound System - When We Were Young

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Four big tracks for you in this post. We'll start it off with a remix sent in by Big Nasty.

2Pac - California Love (Big Nasty remix) [click to download]
:: A slammin' electro house remix of the hip-hop classic. Will set the dancefloor on fire!

Buy music from 2Pac at the Itunes store by clicking the button below:

Next up, we've got a Treasure Fingers remix of '100%' by Chromeo.

Chromeo - 100% (Treasure Fingers B-Live Pemberton remix) [click to download]
A fun Chromeo remix that is discofied by Treasure Fingers.

Visit Treasure Fingers on MySpace

Purchase music from Chromeo at the Itunes store by clicking the button below:

Buy music from Treasure FIngers at the Itunes store by clicking the button below:
Treasure Fingers

Next up is the Oscar Werden remix of 'Strawberry' by Adrian Lux.

Adrian Lux - Strawberry (Oscar Wedren remix) [click to download] :: A great progressive club track with a nice female vocal.

Visit Adrian Lux on MySpace

Buy Adrian Lux music from the Itunes store by clicking the button below:
Adrian Lux

And last but certainly not least, an original track from Coin Operated Boy.

Coin Operated Boy - Be Your Own Enemy [click to download] :: A great electronic track - reminiscent of Daft Punk and MSTRKRFT.

Visit Coin Operated Boy on MySpace

New music video from Soul of Man!

This video is great! A great new track from Soul of Man, set to a retro sci-fi fantasy, complete with scantily clad women, laser guns and a party scene!

Soul of Man - Dizzy Heights

Visit Soul of Man on MySpace

Purchase Soul of Man music from the Itunes store by clicking the link below:
Soul of Man

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Joee Irwin – Decks, Box & MBP

The title of the mix is an ode to Richie Hawtin's "Decks, EFX & 909." A lot of today's mixtapes are flawlessly sequenced together using computer software. Setting out to make a DJ Mix in the spirit of the old days, Joee recorded his mix in one take, using the same equipment that would be used in one of his energetic live sets: Turntables, Serato, and a MacBook Pro: "Decks, Box & MBP."

Joee Irwin was raised in St. Louis, Missouri, where in his teens he was brought into the underbelly of the city's punk rock culture. Friends exposed him to the 90's rave scene at a time when Italo Disco was all the DJs were playing, and Joee fell full tilt into the world of electronic music. The soundtracks of those early underground parties have stuck with him. He's zig-zaged the United States and always found himself at the forefront of any music scene he's come across. An accomplished DJ who has shared the stage with rosters of top tier acts, and a music blogger who writes for the widely-read Palms Out Sounds, Joee recently transplanted from Portland, Oregon to Brooklyn, New York. This mix is as much a celebration of his move as it is his interpretation of the journey that brought him to New York.

Joee Irwin - Decks, Box & MBP
Recorded: 18 Oct 2008
Catalog: IRw02

Technical List:
Rane TTM 56 Mixer
Intel MacBook Pro 2.2 GHz
Serato Scratch LIVE SL 1 v1.8.1
Technics SL-1200 Turntables
Stanton 890 FS Cartridges


1. Gurtz - "Spok"
2. Claude VonStroke - "Scarlet Macaw Unstrung"
3. Marco Carola - "Get Set"
4. Daniel Dreier - "Ice Bear"
5. Marc Houle - "Sands"
6. Todd Bodine - "Closer"
7. Joseph Capriati - "Oasi"
8. Preocoop - "Ohrwerk" (Ritch & Collins Remix)
9. Philipp Wolgast - "Rudimental" [Alpaca]
10. Boris Brejcha - "Push To Play"
11. Funkagenda and Paul Thomas - "Thrapp"
12. D-Unity - "Shake It" (D-Unity's Shaker Mix)
13. Colin Hobbs - "Coming Up" (Christian Hoff Remix)
14. Beckster - "Hallo"
15. Zoo Brazil - "Technik"
16. TC - "Where's My Money" (Caspa Remix)
17. Dial M - "Remedy"
18. Ramadanman - "Offal"
19. Loefah - "Disko Rekah"
20. Roommate - "Natty Music" (Noah D Remix)
21. Graphic ft Beans - "I Am Metal" (Starkey Remix)
22. BAR 9 - "Pussyhole"

Click here to download the mix now!

Be sure to visit Joee Irwin on MySpace!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


CSS, is short for "Cansei de Ser Sexy" which means 'tired of being sexy' in Portuguese. They are a five-piece band from Brazil that creates hot electro.pop.funk music that rocks. With fun music videos and great dance remixes, CSS have been blowing up all around the world.

Their self-titled debut album was released in 2006 to rave reviews, and they have recently released their sophomore album, 'Donkey'. Though the album was released in July, it is still picking up steam, as the first single for the album, 'Move', has just been released, which includes a remix by Cut Copy.

We have a free track for you courtesy of The Hydroz - this is a remix of Alala, a song from their first album, which was also released as a single featuring remixes from Princess Superstar and Bonde do Role.

CSS - ALaLa (Hydroz remix) [click to download]
:: breakbeat electro hotness

Visit CSS on MySpace

Visit the CSS homepage

Buy CSS music from the Itunes store by clicking the link below:

Visit jd Samson's MySpace page to hear the remix he did of 'Move'

Please enjoy the video for the CSS song 'Move' below:

CSS - Move

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A celebration!!!

We have a new president!!!! SO HAPPY about Obama getting elected! Let's celebrate!!!

Enjoy some dope new tunes, and if you are in Portland, be sure to come celebrate with us @ Pala this Friday night - details below.

Tom EQ - The Beginning [click to download]
:: This one is a great blend of Bmore / Club / Electro House and a classic house sample. Definitely a club banger. I'll be playing this one for a while.

Visit Tom EQ on MySpace

Souldiers of Fortune - Jungle Boogie (Ryan Riback's Get Down remix) [click to download]

Visit Ryan Riback on MySpace

Purchase Ryan Riback music from the Itunes store by clicking the button below:
Ryan Riback

Claire Hux - Holy Ghost in the Club [click to download]
:: a Bmore / Club stomper with a fun soulful Baptist Church-esque breakdown

Visit Claire Hux on MySpace

Claire Hux - Holy Ghost in the Club (Thrills remix) [click to download]

Visit Thrills on MySpace

Friday, November 7th - Dancefloor Mayhem @ Pala! (105 NW 3rd Ave)

This will be the third installment in our monthly Dancefloor Mayhem series at Pala. Our night in October went off with the Techno Mayhem provided by George Holland and JAK!!!

You can expect more of the same in the form of tribal, electro and house beats from Dancefloor Mayhem founder and resident mad man Tronic and Blue Submarine - a versatile Portland veteran.

9pm - late
$5 at the door
NO COVER if you are in before 10pm!

Pala is located at 105 NW 3rd Avenue in downtown Portland!

See you Friday @ Pala!!!