Thursday, February 14, 2008

Meet the Digital Primate

Digital Primate is an electronic music producer from Australia who has been at it for over 15 years. He released his debut album in 1995 to rave reviews, and has since played his music all over the world, including at Tresor in Berlin, Japan, New York City, London, and many large parties and festivals in Australia.

Digital Primate is also well known for combining his excellent production skills with astute political commentary, as first evidenced in his 2003 'Bunker Buster' EP which was a critique of the Iraq war. His most recent release, the full length album 'Siege Mentality' has taken that approach to a whole new level. Infusing sounds as varied as UK ragga, grime and electro, mixed with his trademark ghetto techno and booty house sound.

Local rapper/singer/songwriter and breakdancer Queen Khadeeja is a future star and is Primate’s right-hand woman on much of ‘Seige Mentality’. In ‘No Soldier’, she joins up with Kar’melody to rap about Beyonce’s inane call for a ‘soldier boyfriend’ in her track “Soldier”.

Enjoy the video for the Digital Primate track - "I Ain't Wid It" which also features Queen Khadeeja:

All of Digital Primate's music can be purchased as a hi-res, DRM free download direct from his own site,

Digital Primate can also be found on MySpace

As a special treat to the readers of Dancefloor Mayhem, we are going to give you a free download of two Digital Primate tracks:

Digital Primate - Snake Charmer
[free mp3 download]

Digital Primate - On Da Radio (feat. Melodic and Mark Shine) [free mp3 download]

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