Monday, February 25, 2008

M.I.A. love!!!

M.I.A. is certainly not missing in action. She is hotter than ever!!! First, check out the video for Jimmy:

If you like the original version from the video, be sure to grab Eli's remix of Jimmy:

M.I.A. - Jimmy (Eli remix)

Eli also remixed her track Come Around:

M.I.A. - Come Around (Eli remix)

I know, I know, her latest album 'Kala' came out last year, and everyone should have it by now, but I need to hype my girl up again because this blog is relatively new and we love us some M.I.A.!!!

You can also check out M.I.A. on MySpace.

If you don't have 'Kala' go out and buy it at the record store or on Itunes today. It's hot like fire!!!

One more is the video for "Boyz":

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