Tuesday, March 25, 2008

La Mode - Part 2!

After posting up their mix, La Mode was kind enough to also send over some links for some free tracks. Follow the links below for more La Mode mp3 action:

La Mode - Salami (zShare download link) :: Salami is an instrumental electro track with a rock edge that all the indie/dance punk/electro folks should like.

Digitalism - Magnets (La Mode's Space Pirate mix) (zShare download link) :: La Mode takes the original and raises the energy level with their signature electro rockin' sound. They extend the breakdown with the effected vocals, then bring the beat back in with an altered synth line which makes for a nice change up.

Bloc Party - The Prayer (La Mode's Sunday School remix) (zShare download link) :: This remix is probably my favorite by La Mode. I am hit or miss when it comes to Bloc Party, but this track works well with the lead singer's vocals, and they did some cool chopping of the vocals. Another song that will work great on the indie/dance punk/electro dance floors.

Pj The Viking - Raining Blows (La Mode's Puddle Re-Splash) (Mediafire download link) :: This one is another instrumental track. Some fun synth sounds and a decent beat, but this track didn't do much for me. I'm sure some of you will definitely be into it.

Be sure to also visit La Mode on their MySpace page.

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