Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Come stay with me at the Love Motel!

Love Motel is an electro making dynamic duo from Switzerland. They are on Poor Records and have released two full-length albums. Their latest album, Mind The Void, was released this year and features some great tracks including Cosmic Love, Nasty and 21st Century Boy. The album is available for purchase on Itunes and Beatport. Don't forget to also grab their debut album, Apr├Ęs Le Paradis...

Love Motel has been kind enough to share some remixes of their music with us here at Dancefloor Mayhem, and we think you are going to like these songs. You can listen to the full songs with our new embeded flash player for each track, or simply click on the track name to download:

Love Motel - Square Gardens (Dunwich remix)

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Love Motel - Cosmic Love (Grum remix)

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Love Motel - Je Pleure (Cryptonites remix)

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Love Motel - Dial God USA (Be Trash Remixx)

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Love Motel - Lucky Day (Water Lilly remix)

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Here is the music video for the album version of Cosmic Love:

Purchase music from Love Motel at the Itunes store by clicking the button:
Love Motel

Be sure to visit the Love Motel MySpace page!

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