Monday, April 21, 2008

Rubinskee - Telurico EP

Rubinskee, AKA Moisés Ivan Riestra is Konfort’s own master of disco’s bastard electronic child known as house music. Riding along addictive basslines, infectious beats and sweeping melodies, Rubinskee’s broad arsenal of sounds bridges the gap between eigthies’ post-disco sounds and today’s minimal electro. After mastering a Latin fusion style in his early tracks, Rubinskee has now broadened his musical palette by incorporating elements from prog rock, high energy and dub, without losing disco’s fundamental stronghold on his music. Rubinskee’s music updates the kitsch spirit of Mexican sci-fi films of the early seventies.

His latest release - the 5 track Telurico EP, shows his progression as a producer and features some seriously funky electronic beats. We are going to share the entire EP with you below::

Floripondia :: The opening track is an electro-funk groover. Slower tempo, a great warm up track to get you ready for the rest of the EP.

La Braun :: The next track picks up the tempo from the first, adds some percussion and you can also hear the sci-fi influence with some of the sounds. Another funky track that displays some of the disco influence as well.

Loverde Mode :: With this third track, we've now hit the dancefloor. You can hear more of the disco / italo-disco / high energy influence in this track. You could work this into a variety of sets.

Hide Ruds :: This one is a full on sci-fi electro banger. My personal favorite of the EP. A great bassline on this track.

Ochentayseis :: The EP finishes up with a nice techy number. This one will also get people going.

You can also visit Rubinskee on MySpace.

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