Tuesday, May 27, 2008

J. Scott G.

J. Scott G., formerly of Deepsky, set out on his own in November of 2006 and has not looked back.

After being on top of the electronic music industry for more than a decade, what achievement outshines traveling the world performing in front of hundreds of thousands of people at venues like Red Rocks and 3-Com Stadium, remixing Madonna (twice), Paul Oakenfold (twice), Seal, Frank Sinatra (the first official estate commisioned electronic remix *EVER*), Johnny Cash, David Bowie, America, The Chemical Brothers, Iamx, Curve, Utah Saints, Fonzerelli, Super Mal, George Acosta, Taxi Doll, The Crystal Method, Delerium, BT, Keoki, Carl Cox & Markus Schulz? What could be more rewarding than being featured on MTV, and producing tracks for Sandra Collins, D:Fuse, and DJ Rap? What can you do to top mountains of critical and popular acclaim in magazines like Rolling Stone and URB, barely being edged out for a Grammy nomination and a Dance Star award, licensing tracks for films like Tomb Raider and Bad Boys II, television powerhouses such as Buffy The Vampire Slayer and CSI, and spicing up video game soundtracks for Gran Turismo 4 and SSX 3?

J. Scott G.'s solo productions, Rocktronica bands (Summer Channel & White Line Allstars) and new record label (Libra Rising Recordings) are a direct answer to the continued enervation of the dance music industry that he helped impel as one half of seminal beat rockers Deepsky. As Rave culture enters its twilight and clubbers become jaded by mountains of listless deep-prog-idm-breakcore tunes, the party-going public has subconsciously clamored for something fresh and exciting with shrinking event attendance, drooping CD and record sales, and a palpable malaise about club nights once considered massive.

J. Scott G. has been kind enough to share some remixes with his fans, and I would like to share those with you:

Utah Saints - Something Good (J. Scott G. & Anthony Ross' Something Gooder remix)

Visit Utah Saints on MySpace

Super Mal (feat. Luciana - Bigger Than Big (J. Scott G. & Anthony Ross remix)

IAMX - Nightlife (J. Scott G.'s Survive the Bassline remix)

Be sure to visit J. Scott G. on MySpace.

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J. Scott G

Monday, May 26, 2008

Juno Reactor - Gods and Monsters

I am in love with the new Juno Reactor album. A lot of it is on the downtempo / dub side of things with great vocals. My favorite songs include: Tokyo Dub, Mind of the Free and Immaculate Crucifixion.

Here are the album notes:

Whether it’s on the Mexican horizon in Inca Steppa, Frank Sinatra’s space odyssey in a city born out of madness and violence called Las Vegas, the hordes of Babylon in City of the Sinful, releasing yourself in Mind of the Free, the apocalyptic Immaculate Crucifixion, that scheming jerk in Perfect Crime, a simple vision of a Pretty Girl, or just the mysterious panoramic view of a city called Tokyo, Juno Reactor’s new release, Gods and Monsters, unleashes a counter culture of esoteric delights. You can hear it in the driving percussion of Gocoo (the all female percussion ensemble from Japan), the South African rhythms of Amampondo, Mabi’s magical chants, and the band just playing their hearts out. Juno Reactor has become a musical tour de force to be reckoned with.

In the early nineties, Ben Watkins set out to bring the world a culture clash of sonic textures that defies the word fusion. Although Juno Reactor has no band members and never will, Watkins set out to mold it’s destiny with various collaborators an intense ambient soundtrack emerged to accompany ‘The Missile Project.’ It could have been the inspiration from the obelisk in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 A Space Odyssey or the famous plaster caster of the sixties, but Juno’s name evolved from a seventy-foot long concrete structure that Ben’s girlfriend dreamed up and named Juno Reactor. The music transcends the name bridging multiple cultures and ancient religions alike.

Not many bands can claim they can cross many musical boundaries with the ease that Juno Reactor has. Trance, techno, industrial, pop, rock, dance, and world - Juno Reactor has touched them all within his six pervious releases.

For his seventh album, Juno Reactor has surrounded himself with the best musicians to create an expansive vision that explores multiple worlds and cultures. Gods & Monsters offers up nine sonic adventures that are sure to expand and captivate the minds of even the most critical listener. From the pulsating opener, “Inca Steppa” to the melancholic “Pretty Girl,” Juno Reactor has succeeded in creating the most dynamic album of his career.

I can't share any of the music with you as a download, but I would like you to hear one of the tracks off of it to get an idea of the depth of the album, so please enjoy Mind of the Free below by pressing play:

You can visit Juno Reactor on MySpace

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Juno Reactor - Gods & Monsters

Thursday, May 22, 2008

DJ Tronic - Red Cap Sessions Volume 2

A fresh new mix of club beats from DJ Tronic. This series will focus on music that Tronic plays at his monthly residency at The Red Cap Garage in Portland, OR. He is there the 2nd Saturday of every month. This is the 2nd mix in the series - this one is more on the electro side.

DJ Tronic (TronicPDX) - Red Cap Sessions Volume 2 :: A mix of tracks I play out at the clubs, especially @ The Red Cap Garage. This mix has a lot of high energy electro house tracks!


Alexkid – Come With Me (Tiga’s Aciddeathrave remix)
Bitwise – Just Dreaming (Thee-O remix)
Darius Bassiray – Lorenzo
The Knife – Silent Shout (Williams Acidic Circuits remix)
Sissy – So Long (Andrew Kelly Vocal mix)
Kosheen – Overkill (Ed Kane’s “Dirtbag” Vox Mix)
DJ Voodoo & DJ Hexx – Everybody Thinks I’m High and I Am 2007 (Jeremy Word remix)
Starjacker – Givin’ All My Love (Micky Slim remix)
Juice String – Sex Weed (Laidback Luke remix)
Dirty South – The End

You can visit DJ Tronic on MySpace.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

DJ Tronic - Red Cap Sessions Volume 1

A fresh new mix of club beats from DJ Tronic. This series will focus on music that Tronic plays at his monthly residency at The Red Cap Garage in Portland, OR. He is there the 2nd Saturday of every month.

DJ Tronic (TronicPDX) - Red Cap Sessions Volume 1 :: A mix of tracks I play out at the clubs, especially @ The Red Cap Garage. This mix has house, electro house, tribal and more!


Alex Romano – Get Down (Bass Kleph remix)
D’azoo at Night – The Sound of San Francisco (Club mix)
Kid Cudi – Day ‘n’ Nite (Jokers of the Scene remix)
Funkerman – Speed Up (Granite & Phunk Big Room remix)
Magick Johnson – The Bushman (Crookers remix)
Tag Team – Whoomp! There It Is! (Spinstyles remix)
Enur – Calabria 2007 (Club mix)
Alex Gaudino – Watch Me Horny (Mix Mijangos Mashup)
Azzido Da Bass – Dooms Night (Laidback Luke bootleg)
Camille Jones – The Creeps (That Kid Chris remix)
Tracey Thorn – Grand Canyon (Dirty South Vocal)

You can visit DJ Tronic on MySpace.

Monday, May 19, 2008

New techno mix from Tronic

Here is a mix I just recorded today. I'll be handing out copies at Technopolis in Portland this Saturday night - flyer posted below for that event.

DJ Tronic (TronicPDX) - Techno Trip :: A 1-hour banging techno mix.


Mephisto Odyssey – The Lift (Orpheos’ Shaky Mix)
Wla Garcia – Life
Insense – Bushwacker
Linus & 12Tree – All Over My Rig
Oliver Ho – From Modern To Ancient (A2)
Midfield General – Coatnoise (Dave Clarke remix)
DJ Jes – Beneath The Sea
Dave Clarke presents Red Three – Thunder
Fabio MC – Percutor M.
Jamie Anderson – Can’t Stop V2.0
Gary Martin – Cosa Chaugat (Original Mix)
Chris Vareland – Structural Piano
Bryan Zentz – The Crawl
Tale Spin – Spirit of St. Louis

Friday, May 16, 2008

Don't Mess with the Candy Coated Killahz!

The Candy Coated Killahz are an electro duo from Toronto made up of Tosha Dash and Icon the Anomali. Their debut album 'It Factor' has been unleashed upon the world, and will soon be available for download at Itunes.

They will be touring this summer to support the album, with confirmed stops in Toronto, Montreal, New York, Vancouver, Miami, and Chicago.

They have been kind enough to share some of their music with us, so enjoy the tracks below:

Candy Coated Killahz - Playboy

Candy Coated Killahz - I Can't Stop

Candy Coated Killahz - Rich Kids

Candy Coated Killahz - Booty Bounce

Be sure to visit the Candy Coated Killahz website - where you can listen to the rest of the tracks off of the new album, and you can also check them out on MySpace.

Buy music from the Candy Coated Killahz on Itunes by clicking the button below:

Candy Coated Killahz

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Morgan Page

Morgan Page is an electronic music producer from Vermont who now calls Los Angeles home. At the ripe old age of 26, Morgan is a fast rising star in the electronic / dance music world. He is now signed to Nettwerk Records, and has previous releases on Bedrock, SAW and Force Tracks. He has received critical acclaim from such industry heavy-hitters as Sasha, John Digweed, Deep Dish, Danny Tenaglia, Gabriel & Dresden and Mark Farina.

In addition to his original tracks, Morgan is a very in demand remix artist. I am going to share some his remixes with you, but first we'll start with a mashup:

Morgan Page vs Lifelike - The Electric Road :: Most of you are familiar with Morgan's track, The Longest Road. Here he takes the vocal from that track and lays it over a song by Lifelike. He did this mashup as a sample of using Mixed In Key software.

Regina Spektor - Fidelity (Morgan Page unreleased remix)

Kaskade - Be Still (Morgan Page remix)

Kaskade - Stars Align (Morgan Page remix)

You can visit the official Morgan Page website for additional downloads and more information. You can also visit Morgan on his MySpace page.

Buy music from Morgan Page at the Itunes store by clicking the button below:

Morgan Page

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Let's Get Ill with Ill Cosby

Ill Cosby is a DJ and producer from Pennsylvania who now lives in Seattle, WA. His music career began back in 2000, with his first album and first DJ mix. Since then, he has produced a number of tracks, including two songs for the film Dear Mr. Peasant.

He has DJ-ed at a large number of events and has also appeared on various radio stations and internet shows, including SomaFM.

The future looks bright for Ill Cosby as he continues to hone his production skills and show off his DJ skills at various events. He was kind enough to give us an exclusive track to share with our readers. We are also going to share with you his latest mix. Please enjoy the music below.

Ill Cosby - Bust A Rhythm

Ill Cosby - New DJ Mix - Car Crash Set Radio #1 (35 minutes long / 192kbps)


missy elliot 'let it bump' (hydroz remix)
boys noize 'oh!' (a-trak remix)
ill83 'battery acid'
debonair samir 'samir's theme'
claude vonstroke 'the whistler' / too short 'blow the whistle' (hookerz and blow remix)
dj tameil 'robot rock club'
dj technics 'mr. postman'
dj booman 'fat albert' (ill cosby re-edit)
ill83 'sugar'
m.i.a. 'paper planes' (dj sega X ill cosby re-edit)
santogold 'creator' (scottie b. remix)
ill cosby 'orchestra of wobbles'
dj tameil 'throw some d's' (jean nipon refix)
digitalism 'pogo' (mano remix)
anquette 'shake it (do the 61st)'
k.p. and envyi 'swing my way'
r. kelly 'hook it up' (umyo remix)

Be sure to visit Ill Cosby at his website.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

KDM - Who Got The Funk

KDM is an electronic music production trio from Dublin, Ireland. Heavily influenced by techno and electro artists such as Laurent Garnier, Green Velvet, Sebestian Leger, Jeff Mills, Underworld, Dave Clarke and more. They have just started producing as a group within the last year or so, but their sound is very polished, and Laurent Garnier is supporting and playing out the original mix of Who Got The Funk.

I am offering up all three versions of the song, courtesy of net label - seedyBurnR. Who Got The Funk is the third release on seedyBurnR. Be sure to also visit the seedyBurnR MySpace page.

KDM - Who Got The Funk (Original mix) :: The original mix is a techno banger, with a little hint of acid. Great for peak hour sets! Super big bassline!

KDM - Who Got The Funk (Def Disko remix) :: The Def Disko version takes on a little more of a progressive electro vibe. Great for late night or after hours sets, this mix still has a lot of energy, but not quite as banging as the original.

Visit Def Disko on MySpace.

KDM - Who Got The Funk (h31x remix) :: The h31x remix picks the tempo back up and has more of a darker electro feel to it. I love the breakdown on this version with the swirling synth sound.

Visit h31x on MySpace.

Monday, May 5, 2008

New mix from Malente!

Malente is a very talented producer / remixer from Germany. He wanted to get this mix out, and here is what he had to say:

"Hey guys, it's been some time, but here's a brand new MALENTE DJ-Mix featuring a lot of yet unreleased stuff, some new Malente Remixes and faves from my current DJ set. promo only & not for long.

This is some kind of an 'inbetween releases' mix. After last years 'WHOW' 2CD and 12" + F*cked Up 12" it'll become August till I hit you up with a new 12". this one will be a blast though:
Malente & Dex - Hyperactive on EXPLOITED with remixes by Riva Starr, Bobmo & Bird Peterson"

So until his new release come out, please enjoy his new mix!

Malente - New DJ Mix recorded April 26, 2008 (1 hour long)

Here is the tracklisting for the mix:

1. Da Fresh - Madness
2. Faithless - Insomina (Accapella)
3. Beni - My Love Needs You
4. Acidkids - Combat Rock
5. Yukey feat. Sway - The Way We Go (Club Mix)
6. Timmy Thomas - Why Can’t We Live Together
7. Sigfried & Boy - The Architect (Malente Remix)
8. Foals - Hummer (Surkin Remix)
9. Huoratron - $$ Trooper (Lars Moston & Duncan Whiteley Remix)
10. Pnau - We Have Tomorrow
11. Dada Life - Your Favourite Flu
12. Twocker - Stitch
13. Lars Moston - What Now (Malente Remix)
14. The Yank - We Can’t Be Stopped
15. Intertrigo - Reversim
16. Nhan Solo & Daniel Dexter - The Bounce Is Back (Malente Remix)
17. Sharooz - Sextitude (Ed Kane Main Mix)
18. Hostage - Roll On (Malente Remix)
19. Tonka - Website
20. Jokers Of The Scene - Acidrod (Destroy Disco Remix)
21. Shantel - Disco Partizani (Yamaha/Eletrico Remix)

Be sure to stop by Malente's MySpace page and show some love!

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Saturday, May 3, 2008