Monday, May 26, 2008

Juno Reactor - Gods and Monsters

I am in love with the new Juno Reactor album. A lot of it is on the downtempo / dub side of things with great vocals. My favorite songs include: Tokyo Dub, Mind of the Free and Immaculate Crucifixion.

Here are the album notes:

Whether it’s on the Mexican horizon in Inca Steppa, Frank Sinatra’s space odyssey in a city born out of madness and violence called Las Vegas, the hordes of Babylon in City of the Sinful, releasing yourself in Mind of the Free, the apocalyptic Immaculate Crucifixion, that scheming jerk in Perfect Crime, a simple vision of a Pretty Girl, or just the mysterious panoramic view of a city called Tokyo, Juno Reactor’s new release, Gods and Monsters, unleashes a counter culture of esoteric delights. You can hear it in the driving percussion of Gocoo (the all female percussion ensemble from Japan), the South African rhythms of Amampondo, Mabi’s magical chants, and the band just playing their hearts out. Juno Reactor has become a musical tour de force to be reckoned with.

In the early nineties, Ben Watkins set out to bring the world a culture clash of sonic textures that defies the word fusion. Although Juno Reactor has no band members and never will, Watkins set out to mold it’s destiny with various collaborators an intense ambient soundtrack emerged to accompany ‘The Missile Project.’ It could have been the inspiration from the obelisk in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 A Space Odyssey or the famous plaster caster of the sixties, but Juno’s name evolved from a seventy-foot long concrete structure that Ben’s girlfriend dreamed up and named Juno Reactor. The music transcends the name bridging multiple cultures and ancient religions alike.

Not many bands can claim they can cross many musical boundaries with the ease that Juno Reactor has. Trance, techno, industrial, pop, rock, dance, and world - Juno Reactor has touched them all within his six pervious releases.

For his seventh album, Juno Reactor has surrounded himself with the best musicians to create an expansive vision that explores multiple worlds and cultures. Gods & Monsters offers up nine sonic adventures that are sure to expand and captivate the minds of even the most critical listener. From the pulsating opener, “Inca Steppa” to the melancholic “Pretty Girl,” Juno Reactor has succeeded in creating the most dynamic album of his career.

I can't share any of the music with you as a download, but I would like you to hear one of the tracks off of it to get an idea of the depth of the album, so please enjoy Mind of the Free below by pressing play:

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Juno Reactor - Gods & Monsters

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