Tuesday, May 6, 2008

KDM - Who Got The Funk

KDM is an electronic music production trio from Dublin, Ireland. Heavily influenced by techno and electro artists such as Laurent Garnier, Green Velvet, Sebestian Leger, Jeff Mills, Underworld, Dave Clarke and more. They have just started producing as a group within the last year or so, but their sound is very polished, and Laurent Garnier is supporting and playing out the original mix of Who Got The Funk.

I am offering up all three versions of the song, courtesy of net label - seedyBurnR. Who Got The Funk is the third release on seedyBurnR. Be sure to also visit the seedyBurnR MySpace page.

KDM - Who Got The Funk (Original mix) :: The original mix is a techno banger, with a little hint of acid. Great for peak hour sets! Super big bassline!

KDM - Who Got The Funk (Def Disko remix) :: The Def Disko version takes on a little more of a progressive electro vibe. Great for late night or after hours sets, this mix still has a lot of energy, but not quite as banging as the original.

Visit Def Disko on MySpace.

KDM - Who Got The Funk (h31x remix) :: The h31x remix picks the tempo back up and has more of a darker electro feel to it. I love the breakdown on this version with the swirling synth sound.

Visit h31x on MySpace.

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