Monday, May 19, 2008

New techno mix from Tronic

Here is a mix I just recorded today. I'll be handing out copies at Technopolis in Portland this Saturday night - flyer posted below for that event.

DJ Tronic (TronicPDX) - Techno Trip :: A 1-hour banging techno mix.


Mephisto Odyssey – The Lift (Orpheos’ Shaky Mix)
Wla Garcia – Life
Insense – Bushwacker
Linus & 12Tree – All Over My Rig
Oliver Ho – From Modern To Ancient (A2)
Midfield General – Coatnoise (Dave Clarke remix)
DJ Jes – Beneath The Sea
Dave Clarke presents Red Three – Thunder
Fabio MC – Percutor M.
Jamie Anderson – Can’t Stop V2.0
Gary Martin – Cosa Chaugat (Original Mix)
Chris Vareland – Structural Piano
Bryan Zentz – The Crawl
Tale Spin – Spirit of St. Louis

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