Sunday, June 22, 2008

James Talk - June 2008 mix

James Talk is a music producer / DJ from the UK. It is very likely that you have heard some of his production and remix work. He has released records on such labels as Get Physical, Segment Records, Saved Records and Nu-Republic as well as his own label - Spoken Recordings.

I would like to share his latest mix with you.

James Talk - June 2008


1. Grobas - Walking On A Cloud (Blunt Remix) (Inout)
2. Corrugated Tunnel - The Oracle (Phonogenic Remix) (Mode Music)
3. Dyed Soundroom - Remote Cocktail (Freak n Chic)
4. Roberto Rodirguez - Broadwalk (Plastic City)
5. Jim Rivers - Musicbox (Misfit)
6. D.Diggler - Boozer (Cuatro)
7. Shonky - Bushes (Freak n Chic)
8. Rodriguez Jr - Squared (Boxer)
9. Joel Mull - Red Light Of Dawn (Audiomatique)
10. Monika Kruze - Spank Me Later (Terminal M)
11. Wally Lopez - Cest Ca Paris (Paolo Mojo Dub) (CDR)
12. King Unique - Dirty (Fergie Remix) (Curfew)

And as a bonus here is a free track from James - his take on the ever popular anthem "House Music":

James Talk - House Music

Be sure and stop by the James Talk page on MySpace and show him some love!

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