Monday, June 30, 2008

Let's see your "Baditude"!

"Baditude" is the hot new single from Dave Spoon, Paul Harris and Sam Obernik.

Each a hugely talented individual artist, these three have spawned some of the biggest hits of past years... The merging of their separate sparks has created 2008's ULTIMATE summer smash that will sear its imprint into dancefloors, festivals and party destinations across the globe this year.

"BADITUDE" is a ballsy, sexy, white-hot hymn to hedonism! A hyperactive whirlwind of driving bass, pulsing beats and streaks of sun-lit guitar, the track bounces like a ten-tonne baby under Sam Obernik's raw, sassy vocals. "DJ, do it again, from Boujis to DC10, Tokyo back to the End... Viva La Baditude!"
It's the explosive, sun-drenched soundtrack to party-fuelled days & beat-filled sleepless nights... in this one track you can feel the madness of the summer commence!

The track was given the supreme honour of being crowned "Essential New Tune" the week before the glittering annual Miami WMC, and was the signature tune of Radio 1's prestigious on-air pool party & countless other parties during the conference, which followed weeks of radio play from Pete Tong & Vernon Kay. With the industry's leading players solidly behind it, "Baditude" tore through the conference to become the anthem of the week, and is now set to blow the world's dancefloors into smithereens with a full release!

There's an exclusive PA coming live on the 1st August from the annual RADIO 1 WEEKEND in IBIZA, and the final touches have been made to the incredible glossy video that really matches Sam's unique style and Baditude attitude!!

This is THE dance anthem for summer 2008 and it's going into OVERDRIVE as we speak...

Enjoy the video!!!

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