Thursday, July 17, 2008

Free Music Part 2 - Trance / Psy Trance

We don't post up too much trance on here, but we've received some good stuff lately and wanted to share it with you.

The first few songs are from an up-and-coming producer from South Africa - Max Angel. He hasn't been at it that long, but his productions already have a nice polished feel to them. The first track is straight up trance, while the other two are more hard trance.

Max Angel - Eternal Light

Max Angel - Sonar

Max Angel - Energy

Be sure to visit Max Angel on MySpace, where you can listen to and download additional songs.

The next thing I'd like to share with you trance fans out there is a recent DJ mix from DJX2 from the UK.

Click here to download DJX2 - Summer Promo Mix

Here is the tracklisting for the mix:

01. David & Carr - Lost In London (Harris C Remix)
02. Mike Brown - Infrared (Original Mix)
03. Invisible Sounds - Distance (Kai Jee & Eiden Vision Remix)
04. Fast Distance - Trip To Eternity (Original Mix)
05. Giuseppe Ottaviani - No More Alone (Original Mix)
06. Reaves & Ahorn - Shifting Lives (Original Mix)
07. Captured Sun - Inherent Condition (Jon O'Bir Remix)
08. Paul Trainer - Totality (Original Mix)
09. Activa - End Of Summer (Club Mix 2)
10. Space Garden - Above The Sky (Original Mix)
11. Mike Emery - Falling Into The Sun (John Askew Remix)
12. Paul Webster - Cut Off (Original Mix)
13. SBS Project & Mind Design - In Mode (Indecent Noise Banging Mix)
14. Steve Noxx - 100 Degrees Of Noise (DJ Choose Vocal)
15. Krzysztof Chochlow - Nothing To Say (Original Mix)

You can visit DJX2 on MySpace.

Next up is some Psy Trance from Aya. I love psy trance, but for those of us not in that specific 'scene' it can sometimes be hard to find good psy trance music. For those unfamiliar with the term Psy Trance, the psy is short for psychedelic. It is a very fast tempo-ed genre and is very similar to goa trance. Tracks tend to be epic in length (one of Aya's songs clocks in at over 18 minutes) and take you on a journey.

Psy Trance is a very popular genre around the world, and some of the genre's biggest names hail from Israel. As with most forms of electronic / dance music, psy trance has it's drugs of choice. Obviously with a name like psychedelic, those drugs tend to be magic mushrooms and LSD (acid). Popular psy trance producers include Infected Mushroom and Sphongle, and perhaps the most popular psy / goa trance DJ is Goa Gil.

The Shamen were also influential on the music and the psy trance 'scene', in particular, the work they did with cult hero Terrance McKenna.

Aya has shared 4 songs with us and I hope you enjoy them.

Aya - Aya

Aya - Galicia

Aya - Smash the DJ (2008 remix)

Aya vs Nystagmus - Smash the DJ (2008 remix)

Aya is also a member of Organix Productions.

As a bonus, I want you to check out this song from The Shamen and Terrance McKenna - one of my favorite tripped out tracks of all time:

The Shamen - Re-Evolution (feat. Terrance McKenna)

I know this is a long post, but I had a lot I needed to share, and didn't get a post up yesterday, so lots of goodies for you to listen to!

The last thing I want to share with you on the subject of trance and psy trance is a mix from a good friend and fellow Portland DJ - Blue Submarine. Blue Submarine is a Japanese native now living in Portland. He brings a lot of energy to his mixes whether it is psy trance, tribal house, or electro house. He is a versatile DJ with a great music selection. He did a special mix just for the Dancefloor Mayhem readers, so I hope you enjoy.

Blue Submarine - Sleepwalker :: The style of this mix was described as progressive psy trance. It's got a great track selection and lots of energy.

Here is the tracklisting for Sleepwalker:

01: Glacifier2 - ViceFlow
02: Cloud Politics - Flowjob
03: Catching Me - Fusi & Day
04: All Season - Frogacult
05: Drums of Africa - Tegma
06: Moving On - ViceFlow
07: Optomatic - ViceFlow
08: Nat Horyzontem - Lightsphere
09: Breeze - Perfect Stranger


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