Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Here comes more Mayhem!!!

Getting lots of great stuff in my inbox lately. Increased traffic to the site. Due in part to the great big Hype Machine!

I'd like to thank everybody for stopping by, and remind you that if you like what you hear, subscribe in a reader to stay current with what we post, click on some buttons to fave and vote for us at some of the places we are listed, and of course, if you can, make a small donation or check out some of our great sponsors. We host a lot of the music that we list on the site, and need to move to a new home soon with more storage so we can keep giving you fresh beats.

Just a little more news about the site...Dancefloor Mayhem is going to start this Sunday, July 27th as an internet show on Techno.FM. That's right! For 2 hours every Sunday, from 6pm - 8pm PST (9pm - 11pm EST), you will hear Tronic in the mix. We are going to have themed shows in addition to featuring guest DJ mixes and music featured right here on the site.

Now, onto the music!!!

First up we are going to have Ill Cosby aka ill83 with his remake of the club / speed garage classic 'Spin, Spin Sugar' by The Sneaker Pimps (Armand Van Helden's Dark Garage remix). The Ill One was featured previously on Dancefloor Mayhem here.

The remix is in the Bmore vein and will certainly get people moving.

ill83 - Sugar

Next up, we've got a fun remix of 'Low' by Flo-Rida feat. T-Pain. You're probably thinking there have already been too many remixes of this track, but this one is fresh, I swear! A little on the mellow side compared to some of the electro house bangers I've heard, but I really like this one. Remixed by Headburn. Another one that will get them shakin' it if it ain't been shook yet.

Flo-Rida feat. T-Pain - Low (Headburn remix)

Next up we've got Mephisto Odyssey remixed by Hot Pink Delorean - a trio of electro producers that make big tunes. Here they kick up the energy on this new track from Mephisto Odyssey.

Mephisto Odyssey - Bump (Hot Pink Delorean remix)

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Mephisto Odyssey

Before I share some info about this track and upcoming release...let me just say I was FREAKIN' stoked to hear the news. New music from one of my most favorite producers / DJs of all time...a big influence on my DJ-ing.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the future! After a six-year hiatus from releasing compilations, DANNY TENAGLIA is back with double-CD set FUTURISM (Tommy Boy). Single “The Space Dance,” the first new original music from Tenaglia since 2004, was inspired by his sets at Space, the Ibiza superclub where he is holding down a weekly Thursday residency – his first ever on the island – throughout the summer.

The adventurous, addictive FUTURISM captures the sounds that the beloved DJ/producer is playing right now. Featuring minimal tech grooves like “Filthy Phunk” (Shinedoe), “Rolling Brooklyn” (Luca Bacchetti), and “I Ment To Be Sharp” (Davide Squillace), the set is unmistakably of-the-moment. But unexpected explosions like “Tiir” (DJ Mosoga); haunting, disembodied vocals; and Tenaglia’s own secret samples bring the mix to deeper levels. It’s techy, it’s tribal, it’s twisted, yet somehow timeless: It’s unmistakably Danny.

“If you think of the word ‘techno,’ it’s just short for technology,” says Tenaglia. “What was Kraftwerk doing? What was Larry Levan doing up in the booth, with reel-to-reel and reverb? They were being experimental.”

At the time of his last compilation, “Back To Basics” (2002), Tenaglia was a resident at New York venue Vinyl/Arc. His weekly Be Yourself party was one of the city’s last havens for music lovers. When the club closed in April 2004, Tenaglia took to the road, and became one of the most successful touring DJs in the world. To date, he has traveled to over 28 countries, playing for crowds from 200 to 200,000.

A slate of tour dates supporting FUTURISM will carry Tenaglia from coast to coast and ocean to ocean over the upcoming year, but the summer belongs to Ibiza. Tenaglia will hold down a weekly Thursday residency kicking off July 3rd at legendary White Isle venue Space.

Danny Tenaglia - The Space Dance

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Danny Tenaglia

Finally, we'll wrap up with a combination hip-hop / dubstep track from Henok Achido. Henok has gotta be the dopest MC in Sweden, because he could give most MCs in America a run for their money. The beats are crazy dope and the flow is right up there with people like Spank Rock.

Henok Achido feat. Lazee - Take My Cool Off

You can also visit the official Henok Achido website and download his first EP - 'That Fucking Guy' for free.

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That´s ma boy! Danny T.

Too bad the cops locked down Space/NYC.