Friday, July 25, 2008

The Hydroz iz back!

The Hydroz iz back with a third installment of dope fuckin' remixes. We've got new hip-hop heroes - Cool Kids...we've got the band made in the same mold as Daft Punk and Justice - MSTRKRFT...and we've got Robot Needs Oil - Volta (Hydroz Kuad Volta Remix) amazing track that you will love.

Cool Kids - Miami Beach (Hydroz Metro-Dade Bass Mix)

MSTRKRFT - Easy Love (Hydroz Remix)

Robot Needs Oil - Volta (Hydroz Kuad Volta Remix)

AND...a sweet little bonus. The best M.I.A. remix you haven't heard:

M.I.A. - Boyz (Hot Pink Delorean Remix)

OH MY GOD!!!! How much do I love you, my loyal reader. Here is another

Disco Trash Music - Hacksaw Lover

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Unknown said...

DOPE!! Remixes are on fire. keep em comin!!