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Label Spotlight :: SubSensory Recordings

In the past year, Portland, Oregon, based SubSensory Recordings has becoming a driving force behind the area's Techno scene with both it's DJ roster and digital record label. Its' current roster of artists includes Portland Techno legend George Holland, label founder JAK as well as Lil Roj, Primal, Cozmix Vixen, AO and Nathan Detroit. JAK talks a little bit about the labels history and its' future plans:

"When I started SubSensory in 2005 my goal was to develop the framework for a record label and to push the Techno sound in Portland, which had fallen off considerably since the middle and late 90s. During the first two years things moved slowly, so I focused my energy in the studio and started the SubSensory website to help promote my mixes and tunes. I also began a guerilla marketing campaign using MySpace and many national and international EDM forums.

In 2007 this strategy began to pay off both in terms of visits to the SubSensory site and gigs. We started getting thousands of hits a month, my mixes were getting downloaded at surprising rates, and I began playing almost every weekend. I was booked in Seattle for the first time in years and also signed several original tracks on Portland based Akashik Records. I also started collaborating with Portland based hard-techno artist Primal, who had already released his own tracks on a number of international labels, and Louisiana transplant Dj Lil Roj. Roj, Markus (Primal) and I spent many Friday nights at the SubSensory studio mixing beats with beers and sharing ideas regarding the techno sound and its future.

In summer of 2007 Jak learned he and and his wife had the opportunity to work and live in Chile for 12 months. They didn't waste any time in accepting the offer and in July 07 they found themselves living in Vina Del Mar a resort city and popular tourist destination on Chile's central coast.

Moving to Chile gave me a new perspective, more time to spend on the label and time to reflect on the scene in general. I quickly saw that Chilean artists faced barriers similar to those faced by Portlanders. Specifically clubs who were resistant to techno, low pay for Djs, isolation from the international dj circuit, and a lack of cooperation between local artists. With a little luck I hooked up with some good people and had the opportunity to play many of the areas top clubs and parties and to collaborate with several local producers. I also took my first serious look at the digital music market, which I had previously shunned. Something I came to terms with in Chile was that although I prefer vinyl, many aspiring international DJs don't have the access to vinyl that we enjoy in the US. For example a new vinyl record in Chile costs 18 to 20 US dollars, in a country where most people earn a relatively small salary. This spawned the idea of distributing our first releases in the digital format." In the Fall of 2007 SubSensory's first two EP's, "Shrapnel" and "Circles" hit the digital market with JunoDownload, TrackItDown, BeatsDigital and

Since then SubSensory has released 5 EP's featuring tracks from Jak, Primal, and Chilean artist Basstik and coming EPs will feature tracks and Remixes from Lil Roj, Chilean artist Mikiphone, Seattle based Jakub, and others TBA. SubSensory has also assembled Portland's strongest techno DJ roster including JAK and Lil Roj and George Holland. George came out of a 5 year hiatus in 2007 and has quickly re-established himself as one of the most in-demand local djs. Others include Dj *aO*, Vixen, and PRA's Nathan Detroit (, all of whom have seen a sizable surge in popularity in the past 6 months. In July 2008 JAK returns to Portland on the heels of the labels growth and his calendar is quickly filling up with event bookings including a highly anticipated Thursday August 14th event at Holocene, which will feature tag team sets from the entire Portland SubSensory roster."

Now for the music! JAK was kind enough to share Subsensory release #2 with our readers. Click on the link link to download each track or stream it by pressing play. Following the tracks are a couple of mixes - one from JAK and one from Lil Roj. Enjoy the music!

JAK - Dirty Girl

JAK - Tension Control

JAK - Live in Santiago, Chile :: "Live in Santiago" was recorded live 6-22-2008 at club Piso 33, one of the hottest electronic clubs in Santiago Chile. A South American flavored dj set featuring a broad range of techno, tribal, electro-house, some latin flavored tech and even a bit of progressive.

DJ Lil Roj - Absorption :: Recorded in November 2007, Lil Roj's demo "Absorption" features artists such as Martin Eyerer, Dubfire, Wink, Cirez D, Chris liebing. This mix showcases a fine selection of techno and minimal mixed and blended to perfection, a perfect example of Roj's intelligent take on dirty-techy funk.

Be sure to also stop by Subsensory Recordings on MySpace and listen to some of the label's original tracks and stay up-to-date with where their artists are playing next!

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