Thursday, July 24, 2008

Let's Get Shook

Shook is a dance music producer from The Netherlands. You can hear the impact some his major influences have had on his work, which I think is a great thing. This sound is not an "imitation" sound, but something of his own combination of elements in the mix. It spans musical genres and musical decades. It is both old and new thus making it Fresh. And relevant.

Enjoy the music.

1986 - This track is an awesome track that hearkens back to 'Back to the Future', breakdancing, ghetto blasters / boom boxes, and electro / bass! You can hear a definite Daft Punk / Justice / Kavinsky modernness to it, while at the same time being a little stripped back compared to those songs, in a good way. This is 1980s electro in an earlier form. People will have fun on the dancefloor.

Shook - 1986

The Glow - What is that noise? In the distance...a storm is coming...for whom the bell tolls...what's that i hear? Did the song just explode in the air around us?! Now I am dancing in a frenzy and pumping my fist in the air.

Shook - The Glow

Beast - Nothing beastly about this track...unless you can't dance to a sultry electro beat that blends disco, electro and funk into a hot, sticky mess...than slaps us on the ass with his synthesizer. Or was That his Beast?!

Shook - Beast

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Chicago Wedding Photojournalist said...

The BEAST made my morning hop!!
This track has been ripping in my head and won't let up -

Anonymous said...

shook is awesome!!!!