Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Meet Division Kent

Division Kent is an electronica duo from Zurich - Andrea B. & Sky Antinori. They have released their second album - 'Gravity' featuring 11 songs.

The new album is named after a track that turned into what it is by a series of coincidences and accidents: a beat flying into a frenzy; a voice that dives abruptly one night; two song sketches coming together.

"GRAVITY is dark with colour“, is how Andrea B. describes the 11 songs. A fictional trip through a real setting, cinematic moods and the stardust of pop culture. Moments before they blur from the urge to be everywhere and nowhere – sometimes “upbeat”, sometimes “zen”, but always completely lucid.

Whereas the first album largely emerged in musical togetherness at the corner of Division Avenue/Kent Avenue in industrialised Brooklyn – DIVISION KENT sought the collaboration of soul mates this time round.

Peter Scherer, musician, composer and producer, who co-shaped the New York music scene during the past 25 years, produced two of the songs. During the course of his career, he regularly surpassed genre borders and cooperated with experimental artists such as Laurie Anderson, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Amedeo Pace/Blonde Redhead, David Byrne/Talking Heads. He introduced DIVISION KENT to Peter Schmidt (Beatsteaks, Klee) in Berlin, in whose Ballsaal-Studio a major portion of the album was mixed. Peter Schmidt mediated a contact to his companion Gareth Jones (Depeche Mode, Interpol, Indochine, Nick Cave) – a pioneer since the beginning of the 80s when it comes to the amalgamation of electronic music with guitar sounds as well as balancing the atmosphere, noise and beauty of a melody.

We're excited to offer you a couple of remixes of original tracks from the 'Gravity' album, which give you a little more of an uptempo taste of the music, while maintaining many of the original song elements.

Division Kent - Offshore (The Phantom's Revenge remix) :: a super discofied remix!

Division Kent - L'Heure Bleue (Keenhouse Remix) :: This remix also has a disco-house flavor, with LA producer Keenhouse on the remix duty.

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