Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Read Me! (Lucky post #99)

Lots of exciting things happening here @ Dancefloor Mayhem! First off, wanted to make sure everyone noticed the domain is all setup now - we are live @ http://www.dancefloormayhem.com/

Just a few tips on using the site...To always be the first to get the latest music from us, be sure to subscribe to the feeds in a reader by using the buttons to the right. Also, as we are at 99 posts, there is bound to be some good music you have missed out on. We have a custom Google search tool in the upper right hand corner, just type in the name of a DJ / artist or a music genre and hit search. If there is a post with your search term in it, it will show you where to go. When you come across music on the site - pink links are direct download links, and you can always use the embeded player to preview a track before you download it.

Second of all, wanted to remind everyone about the weekly internet broadcast on Techno.FM. Every Sunday night, from 6pm - 8pm PST / 9pm - 11pm EST, we are on Techno.FM, featuring guest DJ mixes and music that has been featured on the blog. Last Sunday we had a special two-hour techno mix from Fabrice Lig, and we have previously featured mixes from Micky Nightrain, DJ DLG, Alex Tomb, Blue Submarine and Dephecta. If you want to submit a mix or a track to be considered for the site or the internet show, drop me a line @ dancefloormayhem @ gmail . com

Also wanted to remind everyone that DJs associated with the blog are able to be booked through us. Drop us a line and we will give you more details about availability and such. Here in Portland, OR, we are starting up a monthly event @ Pala, hosted by Red Cube. Our first Dancefloor Mayhem Dance Party @ Pala is coming up on Friday, September 12th and features Kala and Tronic. The music will go from 9pm - late, no cover if you are in before 11pm, $5 after 11pm, techno.house.electro and more. Tronic's set will include some of the music that has been featured on the site, so you won't want to miss out on that! If you're in Portland, keep checking the blog for updates, we may also give away some tickets to other local events in Portland.

If you are a promoter or club and would like to have a Dancefloor Mayhem event in your area, drop us a line!

ALSO...our next post will be #100 - which is a milestone we are proud of. We have only been up and running for about 6 months, and are grateful to have been able to feature a lot of great music on the site. For post #100, we are compiling 100 FREE SONGS just for you, our readers!!! We will feature music from artists we have previously featured, some fresh exclusive songs, as well as music from artists we have just recently learned about.

If you are a producer / remixer / label, there is still time to get in on this special post - send us your music to the e-mail listed above. The music will be grouped by genre, and we will include links to all artist pages of the songs that we feature. So please help spread the word about the site and lets build up the anticipation for the 100 @ 100 post. It is going to be EPIC!!!!

Lastly, this wouldn't be a proper post without some free music, so here are a couple of electro-pop tracks from Ultraviolet Sound:

Ultraviolet Sound - Brainwashed

Ultraviolet Sound - Tiger Heat

Be sure to swing by the Ultraviolent Sound page on MySpace to see all their tour dates and more!


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awesome! Congrats and I'll be sure to be looking out for the music via google search bar ;)