Monday, September 8, 2008

Try to Catch Bit Thief!

Bit Thief is an electronic / dance music producer from Missouri. He was kind enough to share some of his tracks with us, which I have featured below, including some daring re-works of Onyx and Donna Summer. Grab these free tracks now!

Bit Thief - Double Dare 3000 :: An original Bit Thief track, this one is a nice uptempo track with elements of techno, house, electro and breaks all rolled into one track with a great bassline.

Bit Thief - Simma Down Nah :: One of the best Donna Summer remakes / remixes I've heard. This track is a re-work of "Love to Love You Baby" by Donna Summer. Bit Thief does a great job of maintaining the original feel of the song. After the extended breakdown from the original version, we jump into a hectic sounding electro / party cut-up with some chopped vocal snippets and party horns.

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Donna Summer

Onyx vs. Bit Thief - Steel Toe Slam :: This one is an electro banger makeover for the hip-hop classic "Slam!" by Onyx. Another fun breakbeat breakdown that maintains the energy of the electro part of the track.

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Be sure to visit Bit Thief on MySpace.


Dr. Schluss said...

I'm a fellow blogger and electronic musician who may have some sounds to please your ear. Check out my very analog, Moogy tones here:

-Dr. Schluss (Damaged Tape)

dennyjames said...

I love all ur trks :D