Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More Music!!!!!

I want to start off this post by thanking all of the producers / remixers / DJs / labels that continue to send great music! We don't always have time to respond to all the e-mails, but we do listen to each and every song and mix that is sent in, so be patient. If we like it, it will get posted up.

Also wanted to remind everyone that the Dancefloor Mayhem internet show is on Techno.FM every Sunday night : 6pm - 8pm Pacific Time / 9pm - 11pm Eastern Time. We feature a lot of guest DJ mixes on the show, and have had the pleasure of sharing mixes from such talent as DJ Dan, Ellen Allien, The Scumfrog, Fabrice Lig and many more.

And for those of you in Portland, don't forget to join us this Friday night @ Pala [105 NW 3rd Avenue] for Techno Mayhem! With DJs George Holland, JAK and Tronic. 21+. 9pm - late. $5 at the door. NO COVER if you are in before 10pm! See you there!

Now for the music!

Darlings of the Splitscreen - Hiroshima (Culture Prophet remix) [click to download] :: [vocal electro]

Visit Darlings of the Splitscreen on MySpace.

Visit Culture Prophet on MySpace.

Buy music from Darlings of the Splitscreen @ Itunes by clicking the button below:
Darlings Of The Splitscreen

Darren Price aka Priceless - Can You Feel It (Marathon Mix) [click to download] :: [house / club banger]
A great remix of a true house classic. This tune screams NY and will definitely be featured in some of my upcoming sets.

Visit the official Darren Price website.

Dskotek - Get Going [click to download] :: [electro]

Visit Dskotek on MySpace.

DMT Synth - Kelly-K [click to download] ::

Visit DMT Synth on MySpace.

KG - Girls (Thrills remix) [click to download] :: [bangin' electro] Super high energy electro track fit for peak hour mayhem!

Visit Thrills on MySpace.

Little Jinder - Polyhedron (coralcola remix) [click to download] :: [tripped out tech]

Visit Little Jinder on MySpace.

Visit coralcola on MySpace.

Metrofunk - Schoenhoefer 2250 [click to download] :: [proggy funker] A super deep tune that is very versatile and well produced. Could fit in a tribal set, a tech set, a minimal set, etc.

Visit Metrofunk on MySpace.

Momu - Window [click to download] :: [uptempo downtempo] A groovy, retro-tinged vocal track. Not quite house, but faster paced than trip-hop. This is a song off of the new full-length artist album from Momu. The album, Momentum, will be released November 11th on Looq Records.

Visit Momu on MySpace.

Buy Momu music from the Itunes store by clicking the button below:

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yo homie thanks for posting!!! I'll send you some new tracks soon :D