Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Welcome to our feature on the man, the myth, the legend skylab2000. Arguably one of the best LIVE electronic / dance artists ever.

I could not have written this any better, so please read this excerpt from his bio:

"skylab2000 is not a DJ or a 'laptop' band. This is a fully LIVE electronic music performance. Since 1994, skylab2000 has been making hard hitting dance music and traveling city to city to play it for the best audiences in the world.

With a full set of synths, samplers, mixer, and effects units, a skylab2000 show is a unique experience. This music is played live on stage, with real vocals, changing to the crowds needs and creating a ride to remember. The sound is an eclectic blend of techno, hard house, breaks, electro, acid, and trance.

After growing up in New York and London, skylab2000 is now living in the Los Angeles area, but playing live shows has taken him around the world: Russia, Japan, Istanbul, Hong Kong, Montreal, Puerto Rico, Vancouver, Molvania, Mexico and more! Back home in America, skylab2000 has played in almost every state - hundreds of live shows in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Miami, Memphis, Las Vegas, Anchorage, Seattle and so many more.

World Renowned DJs such as Sasha, John Digweed and Carl Cox play skylab2000 tracks.

skylab2000 tracks also appear on many compilation CDs, on iTunes, Beatport, and on top selling mix CDs by Taylor, Keoki, John Kelly, Grover, Psycho-Bitch, Sol Brothers and Thomas Michael, and on great labels such as Moonshine, Metronix, Koch, Journeys by DJ, Phatt Phunk, 3am Records, Brainiak, City of Angels, Genesis Project, and many more.

On the seminal music site, the Rollergirl track became the number one most downloaded song overall, with around ONE MILLION downloads.

Movies, televison shows and major video game soundtracks also have the skylab2000 touch. Microsoft's "Amped" and Konami's "Dance Dance Revolution Supernova" have skylab2000 tracks in the games."

Now please enjoy some free skylab2000 music:

skylab2000 - Night Train [click to download]

skylab2000 - Rollergirl 2001 [click to download]

skylab2000 - Rollergirl (Thomas Michael remix) [click to download]

skylab2000 - Prototype (live) [click to download]

Be sure to visit and skylab2000 on MySpace.


Anonymous said...

Not sure who you are, but I really appreciate this feature!

Dennis Barton []

Anonymous said...

I am glad I came across your blog on Blog Catalog. You have some really awesome music on here... I love the club remixes of the top hits, plus the techno. Great site!

~ Kristi

Anonymous said...

i am glad i read your blog