Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Joee Irwin – Decks, Box & MBP

The title of the mix is an ode to Richie Hawtin's "Decks, EFX & 909." A lot of today's mixtapes are flawlessly sequenced together using computer software. Setting out to make a DJ Mix in the spirit of the old days, Joee recorded his mix in one take, using the same equipment that would be used in one of his energetic live sets: Turntables, Serato, and a MacBook Pro: "Decks, Box & MBP."

Joee Irwin was raised in St. Louis, Missouri, where in his teens he was brought into the underbelly of the city's punk rock culture. Friends exposed him to the 90's rave scene at a time when Italo Disco was all the DJs were playing, and Joee fell full tilt into the world of electronic music. The soundtracks of those early underground parties have stuck with him. He's zig-zaged the United States and always found himself at the forefront of any music scene he's come across. An accomplished DJ who has shared the stage with rosters of top tier acts, and a music blogger who writes for the widely-read Palms Out Sounds, Joee recently transplanted from Portland, Oregon to Brooklyn, New York. This mix is as much a celebration of his move as it is his interpretation of the journey that brought him to New York.

Joee Irwin - Decks, Box & MBP
Recorded: 18 Oct 2008
Catalog: IRw02

Technical List:
Rane TTM 56 Mixer
Intel MacBook Pro 2.2 GHz
Serato Scratch LIVE SL 1 v1.8.1
Technics SL-1200 Turntables
Stanton 890 FS Cartridges


1. Gurtz - "Spok"
2. Claude VonStroke - "Scarlet Macaw Unstrung"
3. Marco Carola - "Get Set"
4. Daniel Dreier - "Ice Bear"
5. Marc Houle - "Sands"
6. Todd Bodine - "Closer"
7. Joseph Capriati - "Oasi"
8. Preocoop - "Ohrwerk" (Ritch & Collins Remix)
9. Philipp Wolgast - "Rudimental" [Alpaca]
10. Boris Brejcha - "Push To Play"
11. Funkagenda and Paul Thomas - "Thrapp"
12. D-Unity - "Shake It" (D-Unity's Shaker Mix)
13. Colin Hobbs - "Coming Up" (Christian Hoff Remix)
14. Beckster - "Hallo"
15. Zoo Brazil - "Technik"
16. TC - "Where's My Money" (Caspa Remix)
17. Dial M - "Remedy"
18. Ramadanman - "Offal"
19. Loefah - "Disko Rekah"
20. Roommate - "Natty Music" (Noah D Remix)
21. Graphic ft Beans - "I Am Metal" (Starkey Remix)
22. BAR 9 - "Pussyhole"

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sea.envy said...

i miss having the means to play live. i was good too lolz. for now everyone will have to settle with my flawless digimixing skillz. the 21st century is a blessing and a bitch at the same time.

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