Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Calling all producers and remixers!!!

I just want to give you a heads up about The BPA (Brighton Port Authority) "Toe Jam" remix contest! Get all the details by clicking here.

Individual tracks for "Toe Jam" are available free for download on the contest site. The tracks can be rearranged and reused in any way to form a remix of the song and then the winners will be chosen by Norman Cook himself (aka Fatboy Slim)!

Completed remixes must be received on or by January 1, 2009...so get to work!

I would love to have the winner be a Dancefloor Mayhem reader!

Let us know when you have submitted a remix so we can check it out on the contest page.

Good luck!

Enjoy the video for 'Toe Jam' below:

The Brighton Port Authority (BPA) - Toe Jam


Anonymous said...

Ah well I don't do choons any more but looks like a great chance for a big break for someone out there.

Funny you mentioned Norman Fatboy Cook. I spent 2 years of 3 at art college sharing the same studio with - but not talking to - Damian (Midfield General) Harris - the original co-creator of the Big Beat sound (Brighton UK). They started Skint records together before Sony bought it for a few mill. Anyway we didn't get on, Damien fancied the socks of my gf at the time and was also obsessed with football (soccer) and eating pies - I did try sending him some tunes a few years back but his "people" sent back a standard rejection ha ha.

Anyway nice to hear David Byrne is still in fine voice, and a nice little interject from Dizzy.

Totally agree it would be great if one of DM's readers won it, what a coup that would be! Anyway take it easy...

Ridge Forrester said...

Great stuff!

Check also out the Proff interview on http://housemusicwithlove.blogspot.com