Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More fresh beats for you

I've got five free tracks for you this post, so enjoy the music!

First up is another remix of 'Strawberry' by Adrian Lux. We previously featured the Oscar Wedren remix of this track, which had a great progressive vibe to it. The Marcus Rombo remix has a really bouncy beat and is a little more on the tech / electro tip.

Adrian Lux - Strawberry (Marcus Rombo remix) [click to download]

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You can get the Oscar Wedren remix of 'Strawberry' by clicking here.

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Adrian Lux

Next up is a fresh new original track from HouseClap called 'deBaser'. This is a great track - lots of energy, a nice solid beat and a hypnotic breakdown. I'll be playing this one a lot.

House Clap - deBaser [click to download]

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Click here to check out another post that featured the HouseClap remix of 'Strike Back' by Eskju Devine.

Madison Avenue's 'Don't Call Me Baby' was a huge club tune when it was first released, and now the song gets a 2008 remix courtesy of Jemex. This version sounds very current, while retaining all the fun of the original mix.

Madison Avenue - Don't Call Me Baby (Jemex remix) [click to download]

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Madison Avenue


Another retro-flavored number courtesy of Shook. This time it's a remix of 'Chip' by Jupiter. More 80s synth vocal stylings make for a really fun tune.

Jupiter - Chip (Shook remix) [click to download]

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Click here for our previous feature on Shook, including 3 free original Shook tracks.

Lastly, we have a remix by Baron Von Luxxury of 'Meddle' by Little Boots. This remix is a groovy house track that also has a touch of disco to it.

Little Boots - Meddle (Baron Von Luxxury's Technicolor remix) [click to download]

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Little Boots

1 comment:

john said...

yeah, great song of Madison Avenue : don't call me baby

the group has split after only months but the singer Cheyne Coates has tryed after to become solo but her single "i've got your number" has not been a hit

i wish Cheyne an happy birthday