Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter Heat!

We have had a week of snow and cold here in Portland, OR, and I know a lot of other parts of the U.S. have been hit with winter storms as well. To counter that, in this post we are dropping some serious heat - five high energy tracks that are guaranteed to get booties shaking, even on cold winter nights.

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We're going to start off the music with a hot electro banger, the AC Slater remix of 'Shake It' by Hostage. This is a big peak-hour electro house tune.

Hostage - Shake It (AC Slater remix) [click to download]

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Click here to purchase the 'Shake It' EP by Hostage at Beatport.

Next up, we've got a fun remix of an 80's classic, 'Let The Music Play' by Shannon. This remix was done by 4Watt.

Shannon - Let The Music Play (4Watt remix) [click to download]

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Next up, and long overdue to be posted, is an original track from RiskoDisko called 'The Kicker'. Super high energy electro house track that uses the vocal snippet "the beat kicks, and I start rockin"

RiskoDisko - The Kicker [click to download]

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{Missy Elliott}

For the Winter Heat post, how could we not include a remix of 'I'm Really Hot' by Missy Elliott?! This remix is from DJ Strobe, and it is indeed hot. This will be fun in the clubs!

Missy Elliott - I'm Really Hot (DJ Strobe Turns The Party Out Mix) [click to download]

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Missy Elliott

DJ Strobe was previously featured on Dancefloor Mayhem with his remix of 'Pornstar' by Peplab. Click here to check out that post.

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{Jane Bang}

Last but not least, we've got the Mary Velo remix of 'She's Hott' by Jane Bang. This track is an electro house banger! Very high energy - this song barely gives you a chance to catch your breath.

Jane Bang - She's Hott (Mary Velo remix) [click to download]

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