Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

It is 2009, hard to believe. 2008 was a blur. We here at Dancefloor Mayhem had a great year, working hard to promote ourselves and share good music with our readers.

We are always looking for fresh tracks and remixes to feature on the site, and DJ mixes to feature on our weekly internet show on Techno.FM. Also in the creation process is a Dancefloor Mayhem record label - something we feel is a natural step in development for Dancefloor Mayhem.

Dancefloor Mayhem is also a series of club nights in Portland, OR, and we would like to expand our reach in 2009. If you would like to bring Dancefloor Mayhem to your city, drop us a line! Contact us by sending e-mail to: dancefloormayhem @ gmail . com

One last thing - we do host all of the music we share on our own servers, and January is server bill renewal month, so we were thinking of having a very basic pledge drive. All we ask is that if you like the site and enjoy the music, if you could donate anything, even a few dollars, that would really help us out. The donation button is to the right, and is made possible via Paypal - you can donate via a checking or savings account, a Paypal balance, or a credit card. If you haven't used Paypal before, you will have to create an account, but it is a fairly easy and quick process and all transactions are secure.

We will come up with some kind of recognition / thank you gift for all that contribute, probably in the form of a donor roll call (you can always remain anonymous if you choose) and a special collection of free music only available to those that donate.

We'd like to take this first post to also send a HUGE heartfelt thank you to all of the support and love we received in 2008. To all the producers / remixers / labels / marketing people that we work with, this site wouldn't be possible without the music you send us to share with our readers. THANK YOU!!!

And now, for some music:

This first song is featured on the 'Herbert Hatrack EP' from The Nose Candies on Monsta Records. More info on Monsta Records can be found online at Prismatic Tracks. Prismatic Tracks is the parent label for Monsta Records, Prismatic and Figgin'. The Monsta concept is a very unique and fun label - each EP is named after a new Monsta - complete with clothes and a Monsta toy designed for each new creation.

The Nose Candies - Gears (The Fingermonsters mix) [click to download] :: This is a really fun track. Would work well in a lot of sets - there are elements of house, techno and progressive in the mix.

Visit The Fingermonsters on MySpace

Operahouse is a five piece band from London. They recently released the 'Change In Nature EP' which contains 4 new songs. The track we are featuring here is the Filthy Dukes remix of the title track from the new EP.

Operahouse - Change In Nature (Filthy Dukes Full Length Club Version) [click to download]

Visit Filthy Dukes on MySpace

Visit Operahouse on MySpace

Visit the official Operahouse web site

Buy Operahouse music from the Itunes store by clicking the link below:

FreQ Nasty has been making explosive bass-laden broken beats for years, and is always pushing the boundaries of dance music. He recently mixed Fabric Live 42 and has been busy working with a slew of artists to churn out some amazing new material. This latest track he produced with Propa Tingz and it is a high energy dubstep bomb.

FreQ Nasty vs Propa Tings - Peacemaker (dub) [click to download]

FreQ Nasty is also involved with the charity, Giveback. He contributes music production and remix work to the site so that people can donate money to Giveback and download the songs.

One of the songs on the site is a really hot collaboration between him and Bassnectar called 'Viva Tibet (East and West mix)'. You can listen to the track below. Please go to the site @ and sign up as a member so you can download great music like this from the site!

FreQ Nasty vs Bassnectar - Viva Tibet (East and West mix)

Visit FreQ Nasty on MySpace

Buy music from Freq Nasty at the Itunes store by clicking the button below:
Freq Nasty

This last track is a really fun collaboration between two popular electro groups from Brazil. Database and Bonde do Role present 'Miami (Baile Funk Mix)':

Database feat. Bonde do Role - Miami (Baile Funk Mix) [click to download]

Visit Database on MySpace

Visit Bonde do Role on MySpace

Buy Database music at the Itunes store by clicking the button below:

Buy Bonde do Role music at the Itunes store by clicking the button below:
Bonde Do RolĂȘ

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