Monday, January 19, 2009

January 19th, 2009 - an important day in history

We are honoring the memory of Martin Luther King Jr. today and celebrating the dawn of a new era tomorrow. There is hope in my thoughts, sun in the sky and love in my heart.

I just wanted to say a quick blurb on our pledge drive:: we do host all of the music we share on our own servers, and January is server bill renewal month, so we were thinking of having a very basic pledge drive. All we ask is that if you like the site and enjoy the music, if you could donate anything, even a few dollars, that would really help us out. The donation button is to the right, and is made possible via Paypal - you can donate via a checking or savings account, a Paypal balance, or a credit card. If you haven't used Paypal before, you will have to create an account, but it is a fairly easy and quick process and all transactions are secure.

We will come up with some kind of recognition / thank you gift for all that contribute, probably in the form of a donor roll call (you can always remain anonymous if you choose) and a special collection of free music only available to those that donate.

And how about that thing we are all here for - some great music!


This first song is a nice techy groover. In the club, you just let the beat ride. At the 3:28 mark it morphs into a pulsating beast. You better by now have carved out enough room on the Dancefloor to get your move on.

Welcome to the cates&dpL Make Magic Bootleg of 'Magic' by Ladyhawke. cates&dpL are a production duo hailing from right here in Portland, OR, that started producing music together in 2003. Now signed to the House Label of house labels...SF-born and world renkowned...OM Records! Their production and remix work has also been licensed for the Global Underground Paris mix from Nick Warren, featured on James Zabiela’s DJ Mag covermount CD and achieved #1 placement on Beatport’s Breaks Downloads.

I hope the guys can forgive for adding a twist to the name of the bootleg. They had simply termed it 'Bootleg' but I thought that did little justice to the amazing piece of dance music they crafted. They really did 'Make Magic'.

Ladyhawke - Magic (cates&dpL Make Magic Bootleg) [click to download]

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I had heard of Claude VonStroke before this track, but was not the biggest fan. When this track broke, I was stunned by its' brilliance. It is complex and deep, while at the same time light and danceable. This track or some remix of it almost never leaves the music selection that I take with me to play a show. I'm glad the original clocks in at just over 6 minutes as it gives me time to bust a move on the floor once I have my next track cued up.

Once all the elements of the song are assembled, this could even be a hands-in-the-air anthem in the right situation. DJs - if you haven't played this before, download it and play it out - this is a 320Kbps version.

Claude VonStroke - Who's Afraid of Detroit (Original Mix) [click to download]

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Claude VonStroke

{Lady GaGa}

This is more of a tweak or mashup than a true remix, though it is still fun and makes it a little more tolerable in the club.

About 35 seconds in you begin to tap your foot, the tension builds and builds and you start to crave the drop of the beat. The track begins swirling in a cloud of reverb before it drops into the original version of the track - which is very fun. At the end it swirls back out into a beat you very well may recognize.

Lady GaGa - Just Dance (Make U Deff remix) [click to download]

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Lady GaGa

My Dear Disco is a group from Detroit. They are currently on tour in the US - be sure to check the website links below for tour dates and more music from My Dear Disco.

This track does embody the spirit of well as modern dance music with a classic-rock influenced guitar riff and some vocoded female vocals that at times border on diva.

My Dear Disco - White Lies [click to download]

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My Dear Disco

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"I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality".
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