Saturday, February 7, 2009

Meat Katie

{Mark Pember aka Meat Katie}

Meat Katie has long been a favorite producer of mine, and he has been making dope breakbeat and tech influenced tracks for almost 15 years. Working closely with Dylan Rhymes, they often produce tracks together and remix each others songs, and also run the hugely popular Lot 49 record label together.

Meat Katie is also working with Simon Shackleton aka Shack from Elite Force on a new project as Dustbowl.

I wanted to share some music with you that Meat Katie has posted on the music site Sound Cloud. First up is a track he co-produced with Dopamine called 'Nectahh'.

[stream the song by clicking the play button]

This next streaming audio file is actually a soon-to-be released mix CD he did for the Chinese super-club Baby Face. It is comprised exclusively of tracks from the Lot49 label. Here is the tracklisting:

1. Sly Fidelity 'The white knight' (Christian j rmx)
2. Meat Katie & Dylan Rhymes 'Roll player'
3. D.Ramirez 'Venus & Mars' (Meat Katie & D.ramirez rmx)
4. 30HZ 'Subliminal Crime' (Magic Johnson rmx)
5. Blende 'Peaches'
6. Dust bowl 'Step up'
7. Meat Katie & Kid Blue 'Indian queens'
8. Meat Katie & Dopamine 'Nectahh'
9. James Cocozza 'Garf' (Dopamine remix)
10. Vandal 'Obey'
11. Meat Katie & Jono Fernandez 'Pace' (Lutzenkirchin rmx)
12. Vandal & Blende 'Health boy'
13. Meat Katie & D.ramirez 'Stop the Revolution' (Bassbin twins)
14. Vandal 'Idiots" (Audiojack remix)
15. Paranoid Jack, Meat Katie & Dylan Rhymes 'its like liquid'
16. Meat Katie 'Cracks'
17. Vandal 'Captain magic' (Rudi Stakka)
18. Dylan Rhymes 'I am sweet' (Hyperion rmx)

[stream the mix by clicking the play button]

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