Sunday, March 1, 2009

Baron Bane

{Baron Bane}

Baron Bane is a 5 piece band from Sweden signed to Stupid Dream Records. Or is it?

The Unofficial Baron Bane autobiography (from the Baron Bane MySpace page):

I was born in a remote village, by a name of which I no longer remember. Neither do I remember my parents, assuming I had any. The only memories I still have from that time are the long nights full of faceless villagers wandering the streets.

As my youth withered away I travelled time and time again to new places, hoping to find peace. I have lost track of how many years have passed me by, but most likely I am older than most; not that it really matters anymore.

In one small town where I dwelled a bit too long, the villagers convinced me to accept a large estate and the Baron title that went with it. This noble life I suffered for a few years, coming to resent my people more and more, as I'm sure they resented me as well. Therefore one night, I abandoned it all, leaving my newfound wealth behind but carrying with me my title that will forever stain my name.

I went back to wandering the land for many decades more until one day I met those select five who would become my future apprentices and the carriers of my message.

As time passes, withers and dies, I will always be.

//Baron Bane

{Baron Bane}

Baron Bane recently released the 'Love.Cure.All' single complete with 4 great remixes from Tony Senghore, Sophie Rimheden, Aronsson and Slim Vic. It was released November 4, 2008, on Stupid Dream Records. The single is now available for free from the official Baron Bane website. We are going to share all the versions of the single with you here and encourage you to visit Itunes and purchase more music from Baron Bane if you like the 'Love.Cure.All' single.

{Love.Cure.All album art}

Baron Bane - Love.Cure.All (Original Mix) [click to download]

Baron Bane - Love.Cure.All (Tony Senghore Remix) [click to download]

Baron Bane - Love.Cure.All (Sophie Rimheden Remix) [click to download]

Baron Bane - Love.Cure.All (Stefan Aronsson Remix) [click to download]

Baron Bane - Love.Cure.All (Slim Vic Remix) [click to download]

Enjoy the video for the original version of 'Love.Cure.All':

Visit Baron Bane on MySpace

Visit the official Baron Bane website

Buy Baron Bane music at the Itunes store by clicking here

Click here to purchase Love.Cure.All remixes by Style of Eye and David Ekenbäck from Beatport

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