Monday, March 9, 2009

Cates&dpL - Through the Weekend

Cates&dpL have recently released their full-length debut on OM Records titled Through the Weekend. The album was released on February 24th.

It's a must-own for all fans of electronic music. The album has 13 songs in all. From the deep house sound of '351', to the quirky tech house of tracks like 'Groucho' to the borken beat funk of 'Short Easy Little Bleeps' which made me think of the Blacklight Fantasy album by Freaky Chakra.

And we present you with a Dancefloor Mayhem exclusive off of the album 'Prolectro'. 'Prolectro' is a brief chill tune with a nice crunchy beat and a definite pre or post party vibe to it.

Cates&dpL - Prolectro [click to download]

Click here to visit the Through the Weekend page on the OM Records website.

Click here to purchase the album at the Itunes store

Click here to visit Cates&dpL on MySpace


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