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A classically trained musician, producer, DJ and label boss, Melnyk has been busy indeed. Since the launch of his critically acclaimed debut “Silence”, Melnyk has concentrated on building the Gaymonkey empire, launching the careers of Swedish electro darlings Sara Berg and Ebb. He lives in south London and DJs his trademark electrodisco sets regularly across Scandinavia, Canada and the UK.

The new album – “Revolutions” is a fantastic return, incorporating Melnyk’s trademark dark electrodisco sound and nu-pop perfection. The title track (and first single) features newcomer Sebastian Muravchik of London’s underground italo group Heartbreak. Muravchik’s inimitable vocal style offers the ideal delivery for this midtempo groover.

The collaborations continue. Sara Berg is back with two tracks - including infectious future single “The Competition” and the heart wrenching “I Have Erased”. Temposhark lend their wares to the techhouse offering “Hurricane”. And labelmate Ebb closes the affair with the stunning track “Cadence”.

Melnyk’s debut album “Silence” has received universal acclaim for it’s fresh approach to the electro genre. The LP has caught the ears of DJs and music fans alike - including the Pet Shop Boys - who asked Melnyk to remix their single “I’m With Stupid” and selected the track to appear on their “Fundamentalism” album. The mix went on to be a bestseller across Europe.

With his trademark style in demand, Melnyk has also produced and co-written tracks for electro-crooner Louie Austen. “Disco Dancer” – the first single to be lifted from the LP “Iguana” (Klein Records) – was an instant electrodisco classic - climbing to the top of the charts.

Melnyk arrived in London in the late nineties, fresh off the boat from Alberta, Canada. Although he had been able to carve out a niche scene in the mid-90s, by promoting and DJing at his own club night inspired by the Brit Pop explosion and 80s new wave - Melnyk was craving something more, and the sparkling shores of the UK were beckoning.

Melnyk studied classical electro-acoustic composition university, where he honed his skills in the style he has since applied to his current productions - minimal pop music, akin to influential artists such as John Cage, Orbital and Björk. Realizing he was never going to be happy as a straight up classical musician/ composer due to his love for beats and bass, he made the transition and began to produce his own blend of electro.

The hook up with his label mate Sara Berg - who runs the Swedish side of Gaymonkey Records from Stockholm - occurred as a chance meeting one fateful summer's day in the Mediterranean. The two had hit it off instantly, recognizing their shared musical interest and love for expensive cocktails. The rest is history.

But in the current influx of all things electro, Melnyk stands out by his varied approach to making music, by not only his strong grasp of songwriting, but his ability to cover a wide range of feelings and moods - not just pumping out electro beats for the dancefloor. He states: “I want to make music people can listen to in a club and at home - music which is accessible by everyone, not just by those cliquey, niche circles.”

“Revolutions” is Melnyk’s new album on Gaymonkey Records : featuring 'Revolutions' and 'The Competition'

{Melnyk - Revolutions album cover}



Revolutions (Oct 08)
Silence Remixed (June 07)
Silence (Mar 06)


Revolutions (Sept 08)
Fabulous (Oct 06)
Silence Remixed Vol. One (Apr 06)
Sound of Falling (Apr 06)
Strut (July 05)
Art of Seduction (Feb 05)


Division Kent – In The Headlights (Melnyk Is Behind The Wheel Remix)
Louie Austen – Disco Dancer (Extended Dub Mix) (Klein)
Pet Shop Boys - I’m With Stupid (Heavy Petting Mix) (Parlophone)
My Robot Friend - America is Automatic (Disco Insurgents Mix) (defDrive)
Ebb - I’m All Made of Music (So Alive Mix) (Gaymonkey)
Temposhark - Joy (Mirth Mix) (Paper & Glue)
Napsugar - Blind (Eyes Can See Mix) (Beautycase)
Sara Berg - Another Night (Adultery Mix) (Gaymonkey)
Sara Berg - Nuclear Love (WMD Mix) (Gaymonkey)


Louie Austen – Disco Dancer (12”) (Klein)
Louie Austen - Iguana (Klein)

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This song is an epic synth groover. Influenced by Italo Disco, 80s and possibly other worlds.

Melnyk - We Run [click to download]

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