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Kitsune to release Kitsuné Maison 7 compilation!

The seventh Kitsuné Maison compilation, the lucky one.

Kitsuné gets more and more professional, but stays as fresh and passionate as ever. With a constantly expanding network and always more news, discoveries, talents soon to blow-up, hopes, love, happiness and he-do-nism.

The Maison is not so much a withdrawal, but more of a welcoming space, open to all winds. There are newcomers but also loyalty, some artists are now firmly part of, not just the maison, but the Kitsuné family. Lately the bands from the Kitsuné Maison compilations have also started to play some collective shows together: Kitsuné En Vrai! (Kitsuné For Real!).

The Kitsuné sieve keeps on searching for gold and inevitably some mornings the discoveries put you in a good mood. So here’s already the seventh compilation, the one that strikes lucky.

Kitsuné Maison 7 will be released June 9, 2009 on Kitsune. Pick it up on iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, eMusic, and other fine digital outlets.

Enjoy a free song from the compilation:

Autokratz - Always More (Yuksek Remix) [click to download]

CLICK HERE to buy AutoKratz music from Itunes

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Kitsuné Maison 7 Tracklisting:

1) TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB - Something Good Can Work
They’re very young, very shy, very three, very Northern Irish. They’re into melody, very much so. We believe in them. Close your eyes and here you are: somewhere else. The most beautiful song there is.

2) WE HAVE BAND - Time After Time
They’re young too, also three, although there’s a couple in the trio. A mental energy on stage that’s left the Parisian audience of a Kitsuné En Vrai gig totally battered. Proper heroes.

3) PHOENIX - Lisztomania (CLASSIXX Version)
Here’s the first single of the long awaited new Phoenix album, remixed by the new Los Angeles scene: Classixx. A production that’s evocative of a Corvette in the sun, carefree, before it all gets dangerously heated up. Quite convenient too when you’re fifteen (at least spiritually) to French kiss for a whole five minutes.

4) CRYSTAL FIGHTERS - Xtatic Truth
They say: “We make dance music with Basque instruments, synths and our voices”. In London people talk of Folktronica. At Kitsuné’s headquarter in Montmartre, we find that it opens the door quite a bit and let fresh air comes in.

5) THE GOLDEN FILTER - Favourite Things
The italo-disco scene revitalized by these New Yorkers who have been close to Kitsuné for a long time. The girl goes through her list of favorite things and that’s enough for us: “coffee, sugar, ice cream, vintage dresses, kittens, rabbits, Paris, nice girls, cute boys”. Feels familiar.

6) LA ROUX - In For The Kill (LIFELIKE Remix)
Here La Roux is remixed by Lifelike, mr glamour from Strasbourg. These days she’s one of the most fashionable artists in the Kitsuné Maison. The track is as smooth as a yellow Testarossa that won’t stop, just like Donna Summer’s endless orgasms. The beat revolves around broken glass, yes we drink Russian-style at Kitsuné.

7) BENI - Fringe Element (Short Like Me Edit)
Young, charismatic producer, he makes club music. He’s part of the good, ebullient Aussie scene. The track takes an unexpected turn, in discotheque slang it’s called ‘major sweating’.

8) AutoKratz - Always More (Yuksek Remix)
The band of the moment remixed by the remixer of the moment, a healthy Manchester/Paris connectivity. The break is sublime: ‘take my hand, you can break my heart’ sung through a vocoder. We don’t aim to be too lyrical but… In June 2009 Kitsuné releases Autokratz’s album.

9) 80 KIDZ - Miss Mars
A Tokyo trio that’s crept up on the electro radar these last few months. They’re extremely polite, take great care of the way they dress; they’re Japanese and we believe the best of their scene right now.

10) JAMES YUILL - This Sweet Love (Prins Thomas Sneaky Edit)
Atmospheric and acoustic, check the contrast between the simplicity of the voice and the richness of the Prins Thomas remix. Extremely beautiful song, another vision of the sun. Because we’re talking of a maison and not a barn, Kitsuné likes to relax but not let go totally.

11) MEN - Make It Reverse
There had to be an act who would call itself Men. The lesbian scene moves in la Maison. A very militant sound, alternative sexuality, new hormones for a new life. They have as much energy as ‘radicality’, it quickly entices you to jump up and down. Very good very loud at four in the morning to do what you do at four in the morning.

12) CHEW LIPS - Solo
The sound of east London now today, not just another guitar band. Music that experiments and improvises among four tons of influences. The city’s urgency, the impatience, the vitality, the whirling.

The thirteen track on the seventh Maison. Here are some French people impressed by the luxurious Californian hotel where fashionable actors come to die. They’re childhood friends, into science fiction, and down the end a sound quite hard to grasp.

The band behind the craziest track of Maison 6 makes a welcome return. Their album will come out in September 2009 and love will rain. They’re handsome, they have a Swarovski microphone, plenty of ideas, they’ll go a long way. True idols.

15) DELPHIC - Counterpoint (Delphic’s En Route Mix)
Delphic is a British band from Manchester, Kitsuné will release their album in September 2009. Influences range from Orbital to Underworld, very much what we like. To listen at sunset, sunrise and in between.

16) ENCORE –
An empty index, the moment people scream for an encore at a concert.

17) MAYBB - Touring In NY (Short Tour Edit)
Here hides a very, very famous guy who doesn’t wish to be named. So we can’t give away much, it’ll drive you crazy, but really we can’t tell you more.

They’re Finnish from Helsinki, used to be students with Abäke, Kitsuné’s graphic designers. Yes there is nepotism too at Kitsuné. The result could be used as soundtrack for contemporary ballet, it sure cleans the aural pipes.

19) TANLINES – Bejan
Tribal and epic music from New York. Their own press release sums it up perfectly: “Balearic and disco Larry Levan-style with an insistent euphoric charm that’s perfect to blow up the soft-skinned British students.”

Click Here to download the Kitsuné Maison 7 mini mix

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