Sunday, June 21, 2009

[artist feature] Alert!

Alert is an epic producer with a lot of recent dubstep releases, heavy emphasis on the dub. His tracks have big bass, lots of space and nice spliff-friendly tempos.

He is also a label owner, graf writer and digital artist. Alert is part of the Dope Recordings label. He also runs the Oblivion Fringe digital label focusing on darker electronic music.

In addition to his main production name Alert, he also produces as Dragon Clique, Gleek, Alpha Particle and other names.

Here are some free dubstep tracks courtesy of Alert!

Alert - Double Helix [click to download]

Alert - I & I Endure [click to download]

Alert - Mythic Intuition [click to download]

Alert MySpace

Buy Dope Recordings releases @ Beatport

Oblivion Fringe MySpace

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