Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lady GaGa - LoveGame remixes

We got a couple of great remixes from two regular Dancefloor Mayhem contributors - the duo of DJ Red & Josh Dupont gave us a big club remix, and Ranny takes on the tune and gives it his signature tribal sound. Both are excellent, both are 320kbps so I want my DJs playing these in the clubs!

Lady GaGa - LoveGame (DJ Red & Josh Dupont Club Mix) [click to download]

Lady GaGa - LoveGame (Ranny vs. The Popstar Mix) [click to download]

BONUS TRACK:: As a bonus for all you hardcore Lady GaGa fans, a fresh remix of her first hit from Dann Edmonds.

Lady GaGa - Just Dance (Dann Edmonds Electro remix) [click to download]

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Mz said...

Some nice remixes there. I would like to contribute one of my own:


This is the Lady Gaga - Dance- Malice and Meyham Remix.

my page:


Shok said...

I didn't realize until now... you were never given this remix that was also used in the live shows: http://bit.ly/gagame