Sunday, June 7, 2009

Paul White releases new album of sampledelic hip-hop - The Strange Dreams of Paul White

I was just introduced to Paul White and I love his beats. He has a new album out of all original sampledelic hip-hop beats - in the same vein as DJ Shadow minus the drum-n-bass influence. The album is called The Strange Dreams of Paul White, released on One-Handed Music. You can listen to and purchase each track from the album by visiting Paul's site::

Buy Paul White music at Itunes

Paul White MySpace

What people are saying about producer Paul White:

"The Strange Dreams Of Paul White conjures a hallucinatory world which owes as much to guitarists dressed as wizards and epic songs about Stonehenge as it does to turntables and microphones." Fader Magazine

"It’s an apt title: the record is a narcoleptic dose of dense, psychedelic, instrumental hip-hop that lurches pleasingly from one snatched beat to the next." Bodytonic

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