Monday, July 27, 2009


Cicada's second album, Roulette, was released on May 25th on Critical Mass Records. The first single from the album was 'Metropolis' which was a great electro-pop song. We had previously featured The Twelves remix of 'Metropolis' which we have posted again below in case you missed it. We've also got two new remixes of Cicada songs from Delerium and Faze and BitchSLAPhappy.

Earlier this month, Cicada released on Itunes a special Live EP that was recorded at the Itunes Festival in London. Be sure to check out that release as well. Link to Cicada music on Itunes is below.

Cicada - The Things You Say (Delerium and Faze edit) [click to download]

Cicada - Don't Stare at the Sun (BitchSLAPhappy remix) [click to download]

And here is the remix of 'Metropolis' by The Twelves which was previously featured on Dancefloor Mayhem:

Cicada - Metropolis (The Twelves remix) [click to download]

CLICK HERE to purchase Cicada music from Itunes

Enjoy the music video for Cicada - Metropolis ::

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Collin Tebo said...

the twelves remix of the song is a beautiful track im addicted to it..