Monday, July 13, 2009

Dancefloor Mayhem takes you Hostage!


Hostage has been blowing up the global dance music scene with his energetic fusion of electro, tech, rave and bass. His next release is a remix for Foamo's latest single, 'Wardance' which is being released on Skint Records. You may have heard of Skint before...home of such artists as Fatboy Slim, X-Press 2, Lo Fidelity Allstars and Midfield General.

Dancefloor Mayhem has always been a fan of Hostage, and he has always been so kind to share his music with us.

Since we have managed to be a bit behind at times, we thought we would do a super-mega Hostage post to show the man some love.

Please enjoy some free tracks courtesy of Hostage, and below the songs there is a link to his brand new DJ mix! Be sure to stop by his MySpace page and say hello!

Hostage - Rudeboys [click to download]

Hostage - Pirates [click to download]

Hostage - Soundboy [click to download]

Hostage - Special Brew [click to download]

...and in case you some how missed this one the last time around...

Hostage - Massive [click to download]

Oh yeah, he also did a big remix of one of our favorite songs so far in 2009:

La Roux - In For The Kill (Hostage remix) [click to download]

Click the image below to stream and/or download the latest Hostage DJ mix - Sunburn Mix 2009 via zShare:

CLICK HERE to buy Hostage music from Itunes

Hostage MySpace

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