Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Si Begg - The Bleeps

Si Begg is about to drop a HUGE new track, 'The Bleeps' featuring remixes from Shades of Rhythm and Unique 3. The track has already received airplay on KISS FM and BBC Radio 1 and it is being played out and supported by The Plump DJs, who are going to include the song in their next compilation.

Si Begg – ‘The Bleeps’ Tracklisting:

1: The Bleeps (Original)
2: The Bleeps (Unique 3’s Theme Park remix)
3: The Bleeps (Shades of Rhythm remix)
4: The Bleeps (Si Begg Warehouse VIP 4/4 acid electro remix)

Label: Mutate Records
Release Date: August 3rd, 2009

I received a promo copy to preview and DJ with, and I must say, all four versions are solid. The original mix is a nice chunky breakbeat affair with a fun vocal sample. 'The Bleeps' is aptly named, as the track has bleeps all up in it, taking it on a futuristic funky trip.

The Unique 3 "Theme Park remix" puts even more chunk in the bump, beefing up the bass line and infusing some fresh variety to the bleeps. It also uses the vocal sample a little more extensively. The Shades of Rhythm remix takes it back to the old school breakbeat days. Si Begg contributes the final remix with a BIG 4/4 electro house influenced remix. This remix has the bassline to throw any club or party into a frenzy.

[music video] Si Begg - The Bleeps (Shades of Rhythm Remix)

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