Monday, August 31, 2009

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mashups from DJ Dan and Mike Balance

DJ Dan and Mike Balance make quite the formidable DJ and production duo. They have teamed up for a slew of mashups which they are slowly leaking out of the vault.

Enjoy a couple of mashups from DJ Dan & Mike Balance, as well as a bonus mashup featuring 50 Cent from Jared Lawler.

Twisted vs. Technologic (DJ Dan & Mike Balance mashup) [click to download]

Ghosts N Stuff vs. Disco Babes From Outta Space (DJ Dan & Mike Balance mashup) [click to download]

Fire Ghostbusters (Jared Lawler Mix) [click to download]

Friday, August 28, 2009

Eli Escobar's first single - Glass House, is out now

Eli Escobar has been churning out top-notch remixes for years. Now we finally get to hear the Eli Escobar original 'Glass House' which is out now on Beatport and soon at other fine online music stores.

The original version of 'Glass House' has the vibe of a quality classic house track with some acid, Chicago and Detroit elements in the mix. There is also the XXXChange remix of 'Glass House'. It's called the "Yoga Mom in a Blender Mix" and is a big change from the original with it's acid squelches layered with thick synth lines and electro beats. There is also another original track from Eli, 'Good Time'. This track showcases Eli's passion for, and knowledge of, quality classic music. A throwback tune that is pure disco-funk.

Here is a video for the song as if it were the soundtrack to an after-school special:

As a bonus, we have Eli's remix of 'Wanna Be Dancin' to stream by The Glass. This remix is pure Eli acid house genius.

Eli Escobar MySpace

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Logan Lynn - Burning Your Glory Remix Contest Winners!

We had another great response to this contest, as we had with the TV Off remix contest in July. Listening to songs like these over and over really brings out the beauty in the original versions and can highlight what does make a good "remix".

For the winners, these are the three best remixes we received, in no particular order.

Logan Lynn - Burning Your Glory (Jimi Python remix)

The Jimi Python remix really does an amazing job of adding elements to the song and making it an even more emotional love story than the original version. The bass is nice and full and the added string instrument is a really cool touch.

Logan Lynn - Burning Your Glory (Jimi Python remix) [click to download]

Logan Lynn - Burning Your Glory (Samuel Zen acid remix)

The Samuel Zen remix from Joonas Samuel has a chill acid house vibe combined with some elements of classic Detroit techno. He then completes the transition by effecting the vocals and taking the acid to another level, bringing back memories of Phuture as Logan's vocals move to the background.

Logan Lynn - Burning Your Glory (Samuel Zen acid remix) [click to download]

Logan Lynn - Burning Your Glory (Schlock! Remix)

Then we have the Schlock! remix. It does a nice job of establishing itself right away with a distinguished beat and building emotion. As Logan's vocal comes in, the energy of the track remains on a steady incline. I'm definitely dancing at this point. We reach the plateau after two minutes into the song,and at the 2:35 mark began descending into a bass laden breakdown. The beat comes back in about 30 seconds later and we continued dancing.

Logan Lynn - Burning Your Glory (Schlock! Remix) [click to download]

Logan Lynn official site
Logan Lynn MySpace
Logan Lynn Facebook
Logan Lynn YouTube
Logan Lynn Twitter

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dani Deahl music video for Poppin' Bottles

Dani Deahl has a fun video for her single 'Poppin' Bottles'.

Shot at Debonair Social Club, NV Penthouse Lounge and the Burwood Tap in Chicago, the video follows Dani and friends as they come into a bar, quickly have a shot and then leave, forgetting a pair of glasses on the counter. "Bronson" sees the glasses, puts them on and is transported to a club where everything is perfect. Of course, in reality, he's still in the bar. Hilarity ensues.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Band Called Quinn - DIY

A Band Called Quinn just released the "DIY Remix EP" to go along with their recently released album Sun Moon Stars. 'DIY' is one of the songs from the album, and is a fun slice of indie-pop music.

The remixes do a great job of retaining the fun energy from the original song and making them more dancefloor friendly. We've got two remixes from the EP to share with you. The Mash mix has a nice acid house vibe to it while the Celebrity Murder radio edit is more on the electro-indie vibe.

After checking out the remixes, be sure to watch the music video for the original version of 'DIY' - it's a fun campy video!

A Band Called Quinn - DIY (Mash mix) [click to download]

A Band Called Quinn - DIY (Celebrity Murder Radio Edit) [click to download]

A Band Called Quinn MySpace

New Cicada single - Psycho Thrills

Cicada is back with a new single, 'Psycho Thrills' which will be released on September 14th with remixes from DJ Delicious, Aniki, Baldo and Dyebox.

We've got the music video for the single as well as the Dyebox remix for you to stream and/or download. The original version of the song is pure electro-pop fun with an 80s vibe to it - reminding me of DeeeLite and the B-52s. The Dyebox remix beefs it up into a big electro track.

Cicada - Psycho Thrills (Dyebox Remix) [click to download]

Cicada official site

Cicada MySpace

Way Out West set to release new studio album - We Love Machine

For those that don't know, Way Out West is the dynamic duo of Nick Warren and Jody Wisternoff. We Love Machine will be their fourth studio album, following on the success of their previous albums - Don't Look Now (2004), Intensify (2001) and Way Out West (1997).

The album will be released on Hope Recordings on October 5th. The first single from the album, 'Only Love' will be released on September 7th, with remixes from John Tejada, Glimpse and Jerome Isma Ae. The single is already being supported by James Talk, Kissy Sell Out and Laurent Garnier.

You can enjoy a sample of the song 'Only Love' as it is set to footage from Way Out West's recent live performance at Ministry of Sound:

We Love Machine Tracklisting

1. We Love machine
2. One Bright Night
3. Only Love
4. BodyMotion
5. Pleasure Control
6. Future Perfect
7. Survival
8. Ultraviolet
9. Tales Of The Rabid Monks
10. Surrender
11. The Doors Are Where The Windows Should Be
12. Tierre del Fuego
13. Sparkle (Itunes only)

Enjoy a copy of the album version of 'Ultraviolet':

Way Out West - Ultraviolet [click to download]

Enjoy the latest DJ mix from Nick Warren (stream and/or download):

Way Out West Official site

Way Out West MySpace

Saturday, August 22, 2009

ZAZA release debut EP

I just recently got turned on to ZAZA - a dynamic duo from NYC who make haunting, ethereal indie-pop. They have already drawn comparisons to The Cocteau Twins with their live act.

On August 18th, they released their debut EP, "Cameo" on Kanine Records.

Enjoy a free copy of a song from the Cameo EP - 'Sooner Or Later' as well as a remix and the official music video.

ZAZA - Sooner or Later [click to download]

ZaZa - Sooner Or Later (Vasili Gavre remix) [click to download]

ZAZA MySpace

Cover Art for Cameo EP

Glasnost - Come Alone (Vicious' better late than never remix)

This is a great electro / electro house track with fun percussion and good energy.

Glasnost - Come Alone (Vicious' better late than never remix) [click to download]

Vicious SoundCloud

Vicious MySpace

Friday, August 21, 2009

Miguel Migs returns with the long awaited Get Salted Volume 2

from the press release:

It’s been four years since Miguel Migs released the critically acclaimed Get Salted compilation on his own label, Salted Music. A lot has happened since that release – Migs wrote and recorded an album (Those Things), released a remix album (Those Things Remixed) put together a new live act and toured with his band Petalpusher, continued to tour all over the world full time as a DJ and worked on his label. With Salted’s catalog growing at a rapid pace there’s now a wealth of great material to share with the fans - leading us to the release of Get Salted Volume 2.

In an industry overly saturated with diluted compilations containing dance music hits, Migs digs a little deeper, never having been one to chase the "latest sound" or obsess over what’s popular at the moment. Instead he stays true to his original musical passion, maintaining and creating a stylistically soulful yet diversely inspired vibe. He delivers an underground electronic experience oozing futuristic disco, dubbed out techy funk and atmospheric melodies for your listening pleasure. Get Salted Volume 2 shows off Migs' technically seamless transitions, while he blends a choice selection of underground deep house dance grooves, including some unreleased exclusives.

Get Salted Volume 2 is the perfect CD for a day at the beach, a night at your house party or in the car driving. Miguel Migs “So Far” (Yogi and Husky Deep Wash Dub Edit) brings the vibe in gently with slow synths and a soothing vibe while Nathan G “88 Keys To Love” picks it up with some classic house piano stabs. The space disco of Roberto De Carlo feat. Colin Corvez “You Are The One For Me (Miguel Migs Salted Dub)” is contrasted by the 90’s Hip-House sound of Dutchican Soul “Get On Down” (Unreleased Dub Edit) and then again by the jazzy tech house of Dirty Culture “No Matter How.” Swingin’ soulful grooves are shared by Jay-J with Charlene Moore “Love Alive (Dub)” and Fred Everything feat. Tortured Soul “Lying To You” (Fred Everything Dub) before Migs brings in a little R&B flavor with his own unreleased dub of “Sometime (feat Tim Fuller.)” It’s a soul/R&B/House/disco party mix that works equally well on large sound systems and little earbuds.

Although based in San Francisco, Migs spends most of his time on the road these days. As such, he’s never in one place long enough to be influenced by current trends and “hot sounds.” Migs has always been true to himself and his live DJ sets bring together even more genres than displayed in this compilation. Migs will tour throughout the remainder of the summer and the fall in support of Get Salted Volume 2. Do not miss it!

Miguel Migs presents Get Salted Volume 2 will be released on September 22, 2009.


1. Miguel Migs - So Far (Yogi and Husky Deep Wash Dub - Migs Edit
2. Nathan G - 88 Keys To Love
3. Roberto De Carlo feat. Colin Corvez - You Are The One For Me (Miguel Migs Salted Dub)
4. Dutchican Soul - Get On Down (Unreleased Dub Edit)
5. Dirty Culture - Not Another Jazz
6. Jay-J feat. Charlene Moore - Love Alive (Jay -J's Shifted Up Dub)
7. Fred Everything feat. Tortured Soul - He's Lying To You (Fred Everything Dub)
8. Miguel Migs feat. Tim Fuller - Sometime (Migs Unreleased Salted Dub Deluxe)
9. Lisa Shaw - Like I Want To (Dutchican Soul Vocal Rub)
10. Twisted Rhythm feat. Stephen Granville - Get Up (Camilo Franco Cassagrande Mix)
11. Joe Pompeo - Try To Love Me (Miguel Migs Salted Rub-a-Dub)
12. Miguel Migs - Life and Music (Migs Dub Edit Update)
13. Yogi and Husky -It Feels Alright (Miguel Migs Petalpusher Rework)
14. Nathan G - Show Em How It’s Done
15. Joshua Heath - Just Funk Me Already
16. Lovebirds - Love On My Hands (Love On Dub)
17. Andrew Chibale - Salsa Training
18. Hot Toddy – Critical

Please enjoy the unmixed version of Lisa Shaw - Like I Want To (Dutchican Soul Vocal Rub) ::

Lisa Shaw - Like I Want To (Dutchican Soul Vocal Rub) [click to download]

Miguel Migs MySpace

Miguel Migs Facebook

Finally, Los Angeles! (CJ Milli Mix)

This is a really fun mashup of the Ce Ce Peniston "Finally" vocal with FACT's "Los Angeles (MSTRKRFT Al-P Remix)"

Finally, Los Angeles! (CJ Milli Mix) [click to download]

CJ Milli MySpace

CJ Milli SoundCloud

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Penelopes release new album - Priceless Concrete Echoes

The Penelope[s] are the French Indie / Electronic duo of Axel Basquait and Vincent Tremel. They are already big in France and to a lesser extent Europe. They have had a single released on DJ Hell's International Deejay Gigolo label and an album that was released on Vitalic's Citizen Records in 2006.

As a live act, they have opened for Human League and Ladytron and have played some of the biggest music festivals in Europe including Sonar, Dour and Razzmatazz.

Their new album, Priceless Concrete Echoes was produced by Black Strobe's Arnaud Rebotini and claims to be a blend of shoegaze, disco, punk and electronic.

Standout songs for me include: 'Joey Santiago' - a fun instrumental electro-disco number, 'Sabotage' - their remake of the Beastie Boys classic which they slow down and funk up, and 'Your Plan For Happiness' - the last song on the album, which is also in the electro-disco vein but slowed down with a male vocal and some laughter.

The album is now available at fine digital retailers - released August 18th by newly formed NY label - Le Plan, and is set for physical release on September 29th.


1: Stuck in LaLaLand
2: Demian
3: Licked by Love
4: Circle of Seasons
5: Saved
6: Joey Santiago
7: Sabotage
8: Long Black Fly
9: The Heat Goes On
10: Concrete
11: Your Plan For Happiness

You can stream 'Joey Santiago' and 'Sabotage' as well as stream and/or download the Black Strobe remix of 'Demian'::

The Penelope[s] - Joey Santiago

The Penelope[s] - Sabotage

The Penelope[s] - Demian (Featuring Deirdre) [Black Strobe Remix) [click to download]

The Penelope[s] MySpace

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sharam Jey ft. Nik Valentino - In My Blood

Sharam Jey is an Iranian born producer currently residing in Germany. He has been making top notch productions and remixes since the mid-90s, including remix work for Moby, Faithless and Salt-n-Pepa.

His current single, 'In My Blood' is what I would actually label electroclash. Most people think of that as a dirty word now or a dead genre, but in it's hey day five years ago, electroclash had some big songs (don't tell me you still don't rock out to 'Emerge' by Fischerspooner) amongst the gluttony of crap that came to be lumped in with the term electroclash.

If this track is the beginning of an electroclash revival, then I am all for it. With Sharam Jey's tight production and Nik Valentino's vocals, this track will appeal to the electronic / dance music fans as well as some indie heads.

We have a remix from Joe & Will Ask? which turns it into a club banger. Also be sure to check out the fun video for the original version of the song below.

Sharan Jey ft. Nik Valentino - In My Blood (Joe & Will Ask? remix) [click to download]

Sharam Jey official site

Sharam Jey MySpace

Monday, August 17, 2009

Rye Rye feat. M.I.A. - Bang remixes

We've got four great remixes of this big summer hit for you and a bonus remix video.

We'll start off with the Risk One remix, which is a fusion of Bmore and Electro House. It's a big bass-laden booty shakin' club banger!

Rye Rye feat. M.I.A. - Bang (Risk One remix) [click to download]

The remix from Nacey is a bass heavy, electro house remix with some Australian outback bang.

Rye Rye feat. M.I.A. - Bang (Nacey remix) [click to download]

This remix from Hypnos is a dubstep version.

Rye Rye feat. M.I.A. - Bang (Hypnos remix) [click to download]

This last track is a mashup of 'No Way Back' by Adonis - a classic acid house track, with 'Bang' by Rye Rye feat. M.I.A. courtesy of Tommie Sunshine.

Adonis vs. Rye Rye feat. M.I.A. - No Way Bang (Tommie Sunshine mash) [click to download]

Rye Rye MySpace

Music Video :: Rye Rye feat. M.I.A. - Bang (Stanton Warriors remix)

[psy trance] Howe - Soma Chandra

This is a great psy / goa trance track. Free to download and/or stream:

Howe SoundCloud

Howe MySpace

[dubstep] Evidence - I Say You Say (I Need You)

A great dubstep track with a nice female vocal. Stream and/or download the song:

Evidence SoundCloud

Sunday, August 16, 2009


This is going to be our Extended Links section on Dancefloor Mayhem. Here we will have links grouped in categories. This links section will include links from producers and DJs that have been featured on Dancefloor Mayhem, as well as user submitted links. Use the comments section below to submit a link for inclusion in the Dancefloor Mayhem links section. Please keep links relevant to electronic / dance music and culture. Thanks!

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Chip Chop (downtempo / hip-hop producers)
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Chris Vench (house producer + DJ)
Cicada (dance / electro producers)
Cleymoore (house / progressive house producer)
Clockwork (electro / electro house producer)
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D. Ramirez (house / progressive producer + DJ)
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DJ Lion (techno producer + DJ)
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DJ Tronic | TronicPDX (multi-genre DJ, Dancefloor Mayhem founder)
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DJ Vanish (house producer + DJ)
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Dolby D (techno producer + DJ)
Don Diablo (electronic / club / dance producer + DJ)
Donald Glaude (house producer + DJ)
Dopamine (breaks / tech funk producer)
Drifta (drum-n-bass producer + DJ)
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Elite Force tech funk / breakbeat / dubstep producer + DJ)
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Kid Blue (tech house producer)
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Kraddy (member of The Glitch Mob / hip-hop / dubstep producer)
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Kitsuné (electro / nu disco)
Minus (techno / minimal)
Nervous Records (house)
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Process Recordings (house / tech / electronic)
Skint (big beat / breakbeat / techno - Fatboy Slim's label)
West End Records (disco / house)

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Abstract Earth Project (Portland, OR, USA)

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Circle Management (drum-n-bass, dubstep, electro)

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Alex Grey (artist / visionary)
Tone Matrix (music application)


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Alien Pimp and Ikkaku - The Good Consumer (Full Remix)

This is a really good deep house track with a message. Stream and/or download the song, and enjoy the music video for the track below:

Alien Pimp & Ikkaku - The Good Consumer (Full Remix) [click to download]

Alien Pimp SoundCloud

Alien Pimp MySpace

Wax Tailor about to drop new album - In The Mood For Life

Wax Tailor is set to release his third album In The Mood For Life on Le Plan Music. Digital Release Date is September 22, 2009. Physical Release Date is October 27,2009.

Wax Tailor is a French recording artist, who has drawn comparisons to DJ Shadow and RJD2. Please enjoy the first single and music video from the new album - 'Say Yes' featuring ASM below.

from the press release:

Wax Tailor masters the art of reinventing oneself, and although his signature sound is immediately identifiable, a style oft compared to melancholic melodies reminiscent of The Cocteau Twins blended with a delicate balance of Hip-Hop seldom seen these days, this new album establishes a true evolution both in terms of production and song writing. String instruments, which were once just extras, now assume a more prominent role ("Dry Your Eyes"," Go Without Me"), and where genres once crossed path from one track to another, they now collide within a track ("This Train", "Fireflies"). The resulting sound is denser, more organic and the song writing more finely chiseled.

With the opening notes, the mood sets the stage. Wax Tailor is now the conductor of melodies, the director of an aural movie whose urban roots meet the perfect casting. Throughout this album, he appropriates a multitude of references with a very personal touch. His music is beyond genres and defies categorization, it is a modern brand of pop music, designed with a rigor and an expertise that betrays the love this artist puts into his craft.

Wax Tailor is coming to the U.S. in October for a special 12 city tour to promote the release of the new album. Don't miss him if he is coming to your city!

US Tour Dates

Friday October 2, 2009 - New York @ Blender Theater at Gramercy
Saturday October 3, 2009 - Boston @ Great Scott
Tuesday October 6, 2009 - Philadelphia @ Johnny Brendas
Thursday October 8, 2009 - Washingston, DC @ DC9
Friday October 9, 2009 - Montreal @ Jazz All Year Round
Saturday October 10, 2009 - Toronto @ Drake
Monday October 12, 2009 - Chicago @ Schubas
Tuesday October 13, 2009 - Seattle @ Nectar
Wednesday October 14, 2009 - Portland @ Hawthorne Theater
Friday October 16, 2009 - San Francisco @ Slim’s
Saturday October 17, 2009 - Los Angeles @ Troubadour
Sunday October 18, 2009 - San Diego @ Casbah

Wax Tailor YouTube

Wax Tailor - Say Yes [click to download]

Wax Tailor official site

Wax Tailor MySpace


Napt is a breakbeat duo from the UK that have recently won several honors from Breakspoll and Beatport:

Winners Best Breaks Track Beatport Awards 2009
Winners Best Producer Breakspoll 2009
Winners Best Track Breakspoll 2009
Winners Best Remix Breakspoll 2009

Napt also just got to play the legendary Fabric club on Friday, August 14th with Plump DJs, Tayo, DJ Zinc, Jesse Rose, Riva Starr and Mowgli! For that performance they produced an exclusive re-mix of their track 'Fortune':

Napt - Fortune (12" Dub Mix - Fabric Exclusive) [click to download]

Here is the flyer from the Fabric event:

Following on the success of "Live In The Mix 2008" Napt return with "Live In The Mix 2009" which sees the multi-award winners chop, blend and scratch a unique and diverse selection of new and un-released tracks, including the highly anticipated "Make My Day"/ "Time You Realised", exclusive edits, and some of their favorite tracks of 2009 in true Napt DJ style.

Click Here to download Napt Live in the mix 2009.

Tracklisting for Napt Live in the Mix 2009

1. NAPT ft Louise Marshall “Make My Day” (Funkatech Records CDR) - EXCLUSIVE NAPT
2. Basement Jaxx “Raindrops” NAPT Edit (XL Recordings)
3. Drumattic Twins “Crazy Love” Peo de Pitte Remix (Fingerlickin’)
4. Slyde “Frequency” NAPT Remix (Fingerlickin’)
5. NAPT “Gotta Have More Cowbell” (Funkatech Records)
6. Beat Assassins ft Sweetie Irie “Boom Style” (MOFO)
7. Kaz James ft Macy Gray “Cant Hold Back” Luke Chable & TV Rock Remix, NAPT Edit
8. Alex Metric “Shirley You Can’t Be Serious” NAPT Edit (Marine Parade)
9. Phonat “Get Down My Dirty Street” NAPT Edit (Mofo Hifi)
10. Shadow Dancer “Together” NAPT Edit (XLR8R)
11. Deekline & Wizard ft Yolanda “Back Up Coming Through” NAPT Edit (Against The Grain)
12. Adam Freeland “Under Control” NAPT Edit (Marine Parade)
13. NAPT “Beats And Rhymes” (Funkatech Records)
14. Plump DJ’s “Shifting Gears” Stanton Warriors Remix, NAPT Giros Pjanoo Edit (Fingerlickin’)
15. Pyramid ft IC3 “Wickedest Combination” NAPT Edit (Funkatech Records)
16. Jack Beats ft Dynamite MC vs Plump DJ's “What Cow” NAPT Edit (Cheaper Thrills/Fingerlickin’)
17. Peo Haggstrom “Be My Baby” Peo De Pitte Remix (Flatout Records)
18. Calvertron vs Banga “Whoop” NAPT Remix (Destination?)
19. Beat Assassins “Direct Hit” (MOFO)
----> Stanton Warriors ft Beatnuts “Shake It Up”(Punks)
20. NAPT “N-Funk” (Sub Frequency Funk)
21. Todd Terry “Can You Feel It” Trouble Soup Remix (Distinctive)
22. Baymont Bross ft Lady Sunshine & General Levy “Wind Your Waist” NAPT
----> Phonat “It’s For You” (Mofo Hifi)
23. True Pseudo “Freakin’ Me Out” ULTRNX Remix, NAPT Edit (Calamity Jane Recordings)
24. NAPT “Time You Realised” (Funkatech Records CDR) - EXCLUSIVE NAPT
25. High Contrast “Make It Tonight” (Hospital Records)
26. Baymont Bross “Club Light” Instrumental (CDR)
27. Deekline & Wizard ft Yolanda “Angels” NAPT Remix (Against The Grain)
28. Baymont Bross & Muthan Breakz ft Bestbasstard “Drop The Bass” (CDR)
29. Stanton Warriors “Still Here” NAPT Edit (Punks)
----> Pyramid “The Preacher” (Funkatech Records CDR)
----> Kid Sista “Pro Nails” Rusko Remix (Fool's Gold)
30. NAPT vs Kish Mauve “Lose Control” (Funkatech Records/Sony ATV)
----> La Roux “In For The Kill” Skream Remix, NAPT Edit (Polydor)
31. Plump DJ’s “Leave The Addict Behind” NAPT Edit (Fingerlickin’/Axtone Records)
32. Brookes Brothers “Tear You Down” NAPT Edit (Breakbeat Kaos)
33. Alex Metric “Pins”(Marine Parade)
34. Splttr “All Alone” Alex Metric Remix NAPT Edit (Big And Dirty Records)
35. Beat Assassins “Put Em Up” NAPT Remix (MOFO CDR) - EXCLUSIVE NAPT
36. Pendulum “Out Here” (Breakbeat Kaos)
37. Phonat “Set Me Free” (Mofo Hifi)

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Randy Boyer remixes the trance classic Flaming June by BT!

Randy Boyer delivers a peak time trance banger with this remix of the BT classic 'Flaming June'. Randy Boyer is an epic producer / remixer and this track does not disappoint.

BT - Flaming June (Randy Boyer remix) [click to download]

Randy Boyer official site

Randy Boyer MySpace

Randy Boyer Facebook

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

You're a Kniife Prrty

Kniife Prrty is an electro-pop / indie group with a strong basis in electronic beats. Located in Chicago, the group is signed to Fake Label Recordings and have several self-released albums as well as a new split EP with Aeroshell which is available from Itunes and other fine online music stores.

Here are a couple of free Kniife Prrty songs for you and a music video to enjoy!

(Let's Get) Higher has intricate beats, fun vocal snippets and an electro-pop chorus.

Kniife Prrty - (Let's Get) Higher [click to download]

Change Your Mind is more of a straight up electro-pop / indie song featuring male vocals.

Kniife Prrty - Change Your Mind [click to download]

Kniife Prrty BandCamp

Kniife Prrty MySpace

Kniife Prrty - Pins Down::

Kniife Prrty YouTube

Dubstep remixes from Elite Force

We've got three great dubstep remixes from Elite Force for you to listen to!

Datsik - Retreat (Elite Force Re-edit)

Bar 9 - Shaolin Style (Elite Force Re-Edit)

Benga - 26 Basslines (Elite Force Re-Fix)

Elite Force SoundCloud

Elite Force MySpace

Be sure to also check out U & A Recordings - the label run by Elite Force. Artists with production and remix work on U & A reads like a who's who of breaks and techno. Some of the artists from the label include Meat Katie, Lee Coombs, Elite Force, Hybrid, Dopamine, Mowgli, Calvatron, Perc, General Midi, Dylan Rhymes, Zodiac Cartel, Jesse Rose, Vandal, Blende and many more.

U & A Recordings MySpace

U & A Recordings on Beatport

Need more Dubstep?! Of course you do! CLICK HERE to check out the Dancefloor Mayhem Dubstep channel.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

[music video] Union Jack - Triclops

Enjoy the video for the newest Union Jack track - 'Triclops' ::

Leftfield - Song Of Life (Tony Estrada Remix)

A great remix of a classic song that was recently shared with me:

Tony Estrada SoundCloud

Tony Estrada MySpace

D-Nox & Beckers - Cala A Boco (Meat Katie Remix)

Another amazing remix from Meat Katie - this tech track has a blues vibe to it. Great track to end the night with. This will be released on Sprout Recordings.

Meat Katie SoundCloud

Meat Katie MySpace

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Get Loaded In the Park - August 30th at Clapham Common in London!

Get Loaded in the Park is an amazing day festival (12pm - 9pm) at Clapham Common in London on August 30th. Discounted pre-sales are almost sold out. Tickets are available through the Get Loaded in the Park website and through UK Ticketmaster outlets.

Check out the lineup!!!


Carl Craig's Innerzone Orchestra (UK debut)
Roni Size Reprazent (UK festival exclusive)
Sneaky Sound System
Goldfish (live)
Rob Da Bank
Krafty Kuts
Tom Middleton
All of the Above

XFM STAGE In association with

Booka Shade (live)
Pendulum (DJ Set + MC Jakes)
Marina & The Diamonds
Eddy Temple Morris
John Kennedy

CLASH STAGE In association with Beatport &

Laurent Garnier
Miss Kittin & The Hacker
Magnetic Man feat. Skream & Benga
Chase & Status + MC Rage
Blame feat. Selah
We Are Enfant Terrible
Devils Gun
Live Tech Rebels
Fish Don't Dance DJs
Tomoki Tamura

TIME OUT / DIM MAK STAGE In association with KISS

Felix Da Housecat
The Count & Sinden
The Bloody Beetroots
Steve Aoki
Junior Sanchez
David Bevan

GIO-GOI BUS: Hosted by Shiva DJ collective

Liam D
Rob Alldritt
Jordan Brown
Chris Cee
Matt Sharp
Greg Smiles
Rob White
Murrey Nisbet
Clay Hey
Brad Hepburn

Meat Katie - Lucia

Fresh new party banger from Meat Katie!

Meat Katie SoundCloud

Meat Katie MySpace

New DJ Mix from Elite Force!

Strongarm Sessions return for another 'Special Edition', mixed as ever, by Elite Force. This is a free download. Enjoy the mix, and look out for a brand new mix CD entitled Re:Vamped from Elite Force towards the end of 2009, featuring many of the mashups and re-edits that have graced the shows and DJ sets over the past 18 months or so.


01 DJ Hell - Hellracer [International Deejay Gigolo]
02 Dustin Zahn - Stranger to Stability (Len Faki Podium Mix) [Rekids]
03 Calvertron Vs Banga - Invisible (Lazy Rich Mix) (Elite Force Re-edit) [Destination?]
04 Mr. Fingers & DH Dan - Can you Feel It? (Zodiac Cartel Mix) [Nettwerk]
05 Zodiac Cartel - All Day [CDR / U&A] PROMO /
06 The Faint - Machine in the Ghost (Djedjotronic Mix) [Boysnoize]
07 Elite Force Mashup - Barbar Blaze [CDR / U&A]
08 Cirez D - Raptor [Mouseville]
09 Deadmau5 - Ghosts 'n Stuff (Elite Force Re-Edit) [CDR]
10 Meat Katie & Elite Force - Non-Believer [U&A]
11 Soulfix & DJ Trim - Failed War (Jelo Mix) [Atomic Zoo]
12 Phuture - Acid Trax (Plump DJs Edit Vs Elite Force Edit) [CDR]
13 Astronivo & DJ Zombi - Anything You Want (Miki Litvak & Ido Ophir Mix) [Sprout]
14 Elite Force - Fear The Pain [CDR / Lot49]
15 Datsik - Retreat (Elite Force Re-edit) [CDR]
16 Dylan Rhymes - Superstar (Elite Force Remix) [Lot49]
[Acapella - La Roux - In For The Kill]

Elite Force SoundCloud

Elite Force MySpace

Elite Force Twitter

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

[DJ Mix] DJ Tronic - Guess Who's Back

Another new Tronic Mix - this is a mix of house, tech house and progressive house beats.


Bettosun - 24 Hours
Oscar G - Innosense
Steve Haines ft Marcus Pearson - Beautiful Found (Greg Stainer remix)
Elite Force - No Turning Back (Mowgli & SOLO remix)
Greg Stainer ft Spin - Dreaming (Sirkhan Vocal Mix)
Sonny Wharton - Mumbo Jumbo (Digital Impression Tech Mix)
Rob Threezy - The Change Up (Jokers of the Scene remix)
Filth & Splendour - Lung Capacity
The Doors - The End (Riva Starr retrip)

DJ Tronic MySpace

New single from The House Moguls - A Lovely Day

The House Moguls have a new release on Funktion Records that is available for purchase on Beatport. Preview the original version and two of the remixes in full below.

The House Moguls - A Lovely Day (Original)

The House Moguls - A Lovely Day (Erick Decks feat Frowin Von Boyen remix)

The House Moguls - A Lovely Day (Jewel Kid Remix)

The House Moguls SoundCloud

The House Moguls MySpace

The House Moguls official site