Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Band Called Quinn - DIY

A Band Called Quinn just released the "DIY Remix EP" to go along with their recently released album Sun Moon Stars. 'DIY' is one of the songs from the album, and is a fun slice of indie-pop music.

The remixes do a great job of retaining the fun energy from the original song and making them more dancefloor friendly. We've got two remixes from the EP to share with you. The Mash mix has a nice acid house vibe to it while the Celebrity Murder radio edit is more on the electro-indie vibe.

After checking out the remixes, be sure to watch the music video for the original version of 'DIY' - it's a fun campy video!

A Band Called Quinn - DIY (Mash mix) [click to download]

A Band Called Quinn - DIY (Celebrity Murder Radio Edit) [click to download]

A Band Called Quinn MySpace

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