Friday, August 21, 2009

Miguel Migs returns with the long awaited Get Salted Volume 2

from the press release:

It’s been four years since Miguel Migs released the critically acclaimed Get Salted compilation on his own label, Salted Music. A lot has happened since that release – Migs wrote and recorded an album (Those Things), released a remix album (Those Things Remixed) put together a new live act and toured with his band Petalpusher, continued to tour all over the world full time as a DJ and worked on his label. With Salted’s catalog growing at a rapid pace there’s now a wealth of great material to share with the fans - leading us to the release of Get Salted Volume 2.

In an industry overly saturated with diluted compilations containing dance music hits, Migs digs a little deeper, never having been one to chase the "latest sound" or obsess over what’s popular at the moment. Instead he stays true to his original musical passion, maintaining and creating a stylistically soulful yet diversely inspired vibe. He delivers an underground electronic experience oozing futuristic disco, dubbed out techy funk and atmospheric melodies for your listening pleasure. Get Salted Volume 2 shows off Migs' technically seamless transitions, while he blends a choice selection of underground deep house dance grooves, including some unreleased exclusives.

Get Salted Volume 2 is the perfect CD for a day at the beach, a night at your house party or in the car driving. Miguel Migs “So Far” (Yogi and Husky Deep Wash Dub Edit) brings the vibe in gently with slow synths and a soothing vibe while Nathan G “88 Keys To Love” picks it up with some classic house piano stabs. The space disco of Roberto De Carlo feat. Colin Corvez “You Are The One For Me (Miguel Migs Salted Dub)” is contrasted by the 90’s Hip-House sound of Dutchican Soul “Get On Down” (Unreleased Dub Edit) and then again by the jazzy tech house of Dirty Culture “No Matter How.” Swingin’ soulful grooves are shared by Jay-J with Charlene Moore “Love Alive (Dub)” and Fred Everything feat. Tortured Soul “Lying To You” (Fred Everything Dub) before Migs brings in a little R&B flavor with his own unreleased dub of “Sometime (feat Tim Fuller.)” It’s a soul/R&B/House/disco party mix that works equally well on large sound systems and little earbuds.

Although based in San Francisco, Migs spends most of his time on the road these days. As such, he’s never in one place long enough to be influenced by current trends and “hot sounds.” Migs has always been true to himself and his live DJ sets bring together even more genres than displayed in this compilation. Migs will tour throughout the remainder of the summer and the fall in support of Get Salted Volume 2. Do not miss it!

Miguel Migs presents Get Salted Volume 2 will be released on September 22, 2009.


1. Miguel Migs - So Far (Yogi and Husky Deep Wash Dub - Migs Edit
2. Nathan G - 88 Keys To Love
3. Roberto De Carlo feat. Colin Corvez - You Are The One For Me (Miguel Migs Salted Dub)
4. Dutchican Soul - Get On Down (Unreleased Dub Edit)
5. Dirty Culture - Not Another Jazz
6. Jay-J feat. Charlene Moore - Love Alive (Jay -J's Shifted Up Dub)
7. Fred Everything feat. Tortured Soul - He's Lying To You (Fred Everything Dub)
8. Miguel Migs feat. Tim Fuller - Sometime (Migs Unreleased Salted Dub Deluxe)
9. Lisa Shaw - Like I Want To (Dutchican Soul Vocal Rub)
10. Twisted Rhythm feat. Stephen Granville - Get Up (Camilo Franco Cassagrande Mix)
11. Joe Pompeo - Try To Love Me (Miguel Migs Salted Rub-a-Dub)
12. Miguel Migs - Life and Music (Migs Dub Edit Update)
13. Yogi and Husky -It Feels Alright (Miguel Migs Petalpusher Rework)
14. Nathan G - Show Em How It’s Done
15. Joshua Heath - Just Funk Me Already
16. Lovebirds - Love On My Hands (Love On Dub)
17. Andrew Chibale - Salsa Training
18. Hot Toddy – Critical

Please enjoy the unmixed version of Lisa Shaw - Like I Want To (Dutchican Soul Vocal Rub) ::

Lisa Shaw - Like I Want To (Dutchican Soul Vocal Rub) [click to download]

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Love Miguel's work, his Petalpushing is one of my favourite tracks!