Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sharam Jey ft. Nik Valentino - In My Blood

Sharam Jey is an Iranian born producer currently residing in Germany. He has been making top notch productions and remixes since the mid-90s, including remix work for Moby, Faithless and Salt-n-Pepa.

His current single, 'In My Blood' is what I would actually label electroclash. Most people think of that as a dirty word now or a dead genre, but in it's hey day five years ago, electroclash had some big songs (don't tell me you still don't rock out to 'Emerge' by Fischerspooner) amongst the gluttony of crap that came to be lumped in with the term electroclash.

If this track is the beginning of an electroclash revival, then I am all for it. With Sharam Jey's tight production and Nik Valentino's vocals, this track will appeal to the electronic / dance music fans as well as some indie heads.

We have a remix from Joe & Will Ask? which turns it into a club banger. Also be sure to check out the fun video for the original version of the song below.

Sharan Jey ft. Nik Valentino - In My Blood (Joe & Will Ask? remix) [click to download]

Sharam Jey official site

Sharam Jey MySpace

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Anonymous said...

Electroclash, was the most pretentious music-genre-label that we have seen date. I for one am glad to see at least the name go away. This track is excellent. I am a big fan of throwback 80's synthpop. It did not really get it's due back in the day.