Sunday, August 23, 2009

Way Out West set to release new studio album - We Love Machine

For those that don't know, Way Out West is the dynamic duo of Nick Warren and Jody Wisternoff. We Love Machine will be their fourth studio album, following on the success of their previous albums - Don't Look Now (2004), Intensify (2001) and Way Out West (1997).

The album will be released on Hope Recordings on October 5th. The first single from the album, 'Only Love' will be released on September 7th, with remixes from John Tejada, Glimpse and Jerome Isma Ae. The single is already being supported by James Talk, Kissy Sell Out and Laurent Garnier.

You can enjoy a sample of the song 'Only Love' as it is set to footage from Way Out West's recent live performance at Ministry of Sound:

We Love Machine Tracklisting

1. We Love machine
2. One Bright Night
3. Only Love
4. BodyMotion
5. Pleasure Control
6. Future Perfect
7. Survival
8. Ultraviolet
9. Tales Of The Rabid Monks
10. Surrender
11. The Doors Are Where The Windows Should Be
12. Tierre del Fuego
13. Sparkle (Itunes only)

Enjoy a copy of the album version of 'Ultraviolet':

Way Out West - Ultraviolet [click to download]

Enjoy the latest DJ mix from Nick Warren (stream and/or download):

Way Out West Official site

Way Out West MySpace

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