Wednesday, August 12, 2009

You're a Kniife Prrty

Kniife Prrty is an electro-pop / indie group with a strong basis in electronic beats. Located in Chicago, the group is signed to Fake Label Recordings and have several self-released albums as well as a new split EP with Aeroshell which is available from Itunes and other fine online music stores.

Here are a couple of free Kniife Prrty songs for you and a music video to enjoy!

(Let's Get) Higher has intricate beats, fun vocal snippets and an electro-pop chorus.

Kniife Prrty - (Let's Get) Higher [click to download]

Change Your Mind is more of a straight up electro-pop / indie song featuring male vocals.

Kniife Prrty - Change Your Mind [click to download]

Kniife Prrty BandCamp

Kniife Prrty MySpace

Kniife Prrty - Pins Down::

Kniife Prrty YouTube


Anonymous said...

awesome stuff. thanks for posting this. totally need some good new music right about now. said...

I love the whole vibe of this stuff. The originality is incredible-keep the new stuff coming.

Anonymous said...

ooohhh! i really like it! glad you posted this band. let us know when they have a live show :)