Sunday, September 20, 2009

New album from Andy Caldwell

Andy Caldwell is releasing a new artist album, Obsession, on his label - Uno Recordings. The album will be released digitally on October 20th, with a physical release date of November 3rd.

As a songwriter, producer, classically trained pianist and trumpeter, remixer, DJ and label owner (of the recently re-launched Uno Recordings), LA-based producer Andy Caldwell has thrown his hat into many rings over the course of his 15+ year career. Somehow, after circling the globe several times and playing more than 100 shows a year, Andy Caldwell also found the time to pen Grammy Nominated songs and even once shared the stage with James Brown. With so many musical reference points to choose from, and during one of the most turbulent periods in our planet’s history, Andy Caldwell has shifted towards a tougher sound to match the times.

In a move that’s bound to make waves, Caldwell drifts away from the soulful, San Francisco sun-soaked side of house music and instead travels down the road of a tougher, more European inspired sound. These 11 tracks showcase Caldwell’s pop songwriting skills and features collaborations from the likes of Mr. V (Strictly Rhythm, MAW Records), Gram’ma Funk (voice of Groove Armada’s “I See You Baby”) and emerging talents Storm Lee, Femke, Mr. J. Madeiros and Alexander Skye (Madeiros is best know in the roots/hip hop scene with a group called "Procussions" on Rawkus while Skye is a former child actor from the sitcom Charles In Charge.)

"My sound has been changing over the last few years," Caldwell says. "I got more into the electronic sound with the European house scene and wanted to express that in an album. I was really feeling stagnant creatively and broke out of the soulful house shackles about a year ago."

Obsessions tracklisting

1. Black Diamond Sky (feat. Storm Lee)
2. Obsession
3. It’s Guud (feat. Mr. V)
4. Don’t Go Home Tonight
5. Funky Nasty (feat. Gram’ma Funk)
6. Scream
7. Put Me In The Mix (feat. Mr. J. Madeiros)
8. Fear My Pride
9. What Do You Feel (feat. Femke)
10. Time After Time (feat. Alexander Skye)
11. All I Want Is You

Here is the music video for the first single, 'It's Guud' feat. Mr. V:

Enjoy a free mp3 of the radio edit of 'It's Guud' feat. Mr. V:

Andy Caldwell - It's Guud feat. Mr V (radio edit) [click to download]

Andy Caldwell official site

Andy Caldwell MySpace

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