Saturday, October 31, 2009

New album from Blue Mar Ten

Blue Mar Ten is releasing a brand new album, Natural History, which will be released on November 2nd on vinyl, CD and MP3.


CD Tracklisting:
01. Starting Over (2009 Remix)
02. Above Words
03. God's Lonely Man
04. By The Time My Light Reaches You I'll Be Gone
05. Grey Area
06. Believe Me
07. Close (VIP)
08. Clipjoint
09. If I Could Tell You
10. Nobody Here
11. Last Dance
12. Overwhelm
13. Bedroom Eyes

Digital Version will feature the following Bonus Tracks:
(14). Made Of Air
(15). Eight Rounds Rapid

2 X 12" Vinyl Tracklist:
A) Close (VIP)
B) Clipjoint
C) If I Could Tell You
D) Last Dance

Preview music from the album via the YouTube and SoundCloud clips below:

The album vinyl double-pack features hand-drawn artwork on thick matte card, with full illustration innersleeves and an A1 poster. This will be limited to 500 copies globally, so don't expect it to be easy to get hold of, and expect to pay a lot for it on ebay if you miss it on launch day.

The CD version of the album features a matte CD cover, six-page booklet of extended illustrations and a limited edition artwork postcard.

Beginning November 2nd, purchase the album in it's various formats at all your favorite retailers:

Buy 'Natural History' on Vinyl from shops including:

Buy 'Natural History' on CD from shops including:

Buy 'Natural History' on MP3 from shops including:
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