Sunday, October 4, 2009

New release coming from Slyde

Slyde (aka Robin 12Tree and Jason Laidback) have been gracing the breaks scene with their unique style of layered beats since 2002. Their last four singles released under Finger Lickin’ have sold over 15,000 records. Stemming from a wealth of influences spanning hip hop, rave, funk, big beat and electrifyingly bouncy break beats, Slyde presented a whole new mash up, multi-level sound with their widely acclaimed debut album 'Everyone's Entitled To Our Opinion' (Finger Lickin’).

New Slyde release this Tuesday, October 5th on Hot Cakes


1. Block Parties
2. Block Parties (Audio Stalkers 4/4 Remix)
3. Miami Block Parties
4. Discofukka

Here is a fun video for "Block Parties":

Slyde MySpace

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